Don’t give your child sweet food in the first 2 years after birth, this is the bad impact – Many parents may still be confused about providing the best and healthy diet for their children, especially toddlers. Some parents may be used to giving their children sweet foods since the age of 2 years or less.

In fact, giving children sweet foods in the first 2 years after birth, especially foods that contain added sugar can have a bad impact on their development.

These added sugars are sugars that are added during the processing of their food. For example, fruit or vegetable juices and syrups which usually contain added sugar.

In fact, yogurt, snacks for babies, fruit drinks, desserts, and sweet breads should also not be given to children.

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Toddler illustration (
Toddler illustration (

For proper growth of children in the first 24 months after birth, a lot of nutrients and calories are needed.

Even though foods with added sugar are high in calories, they can make children malnourished.

Parents should make sure the food that children eat is beneficial to their body and avoid foods with added sugar.

Because quoted from Times of Indiaproviding foods with added sugar in the first year of life can increase their risk of developing obesity, cardiovascular disease and tooth decay at a young age.

Because, children will tend to choose or like the food they have consumed during the first 24 months of life.

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As long-term preferences are shaped by their early food habits, children become more fond of sugar or sugary foods.

On the other hand, they only accept bitter foods such as healthy vegetables if they are used to it early on.