Don’t take it for granted! These are the symptoms of the new stealth Omicron to watch out for – As a number of countries report a decline in COVID-19 cases, the threat of new omicron variants lurks. Mutations still occur in the virus.

As per reports, the Delta variant has more than 200 different sub-variants. However, with the dominance of the omicron variant, it is feared that the BA.2 subvariant or what is known as the stealth omicron will replace the initial mutation position.

The researchers think that a big part of the reason Omicron is rapidly replacing the Delta variant is its ability to infect and spread among people who are immune to Delta.

While common COVID symptoms include headaches, itchy sore/throat, sneezing, runny nose and body aches, a new report by KREM 2 News, the US National Library of Medicine reports two additional symptoms of the Omicron BA.2 subvariant: dizziness and fatigue.

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Fatigue, sad, depression illustration (Pixabay/whoismargot)
Fatigue, sad, depression illustration (Pixabay/whoismargot)

The report further says that the new variant can deploy 30 percent more easily than the previous omicron variant.

A research study conducted by SSI Denmark has found that BA.2 is substantially more infectious than the BA.1 sub-variant. The study involved 8,500 households and 18,000 individuals.

The similarity in both subvariants was also detected by David Ho. Columbia University, where a study says that both sub-variants are equally efficient at fighting neutralizing antibodies in people who have previously been infected or vaccinated. The Omicron BA.1 sub-variant is well-known as a super-spreader and has the highest transmission rate of all its progenitors.

Another sub-variant, BA.2, is also said to have similar properties and is expected to be particularly good at overcoming immunity; hence the researchers hope it becomes a super spreader soon.

On February 17, experts at WHO said BA.2 was more contagious than others. Experts say that while monitoring the situation, there is still no evidence that the BA.2 sub-variant is more lethal than BA.1.

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