Don’t take the Corona Virus lightly like the common cold, this is the danger! – Currently, the Omicron variant is still under the supervision of health experts. Although the symptoms of the Omicron variant tend to be mild, but everyone should not underestimate or think of it as the common cold.

This is because many people hesitate to get tested for the corona virus because they think the symptoms are only caused by the common cold, not the Omicron variant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admits that many people may have difficulty distinguishing symptoms from the common cold and the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Therefore, the CDC advises you to get tested for Covid-19 to find out the diagnosis.

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In addition, it was reported from Times of IndiaThe corona virus test is also important to reveal someone only has the common cold or the Covid-19 corona virus.

Illustration of the Covid-19 corona virus.  (Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt)
Illustration of the Covid-19 corona virus. (Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt)

There are various symptoms of coronavirus depending on how the host’s immunity reacts to the pathogen. However, some of the typical symptoms of this disease are fever, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath and fatigue.

In many cases, headaches, aches and pains, rashes on the skin, or discoloration of the fingers or toes, red or irritated eyes, and diarrhea are also observed in coronavirus patients.

In severe cases, the coronavirus can affect an individual’s lungs, stomach and cognitive health.

Therefore, everyone should not consider the Covid-19 corona virus and its variants to be a light problem. Although, at present the Omicron variant causes only mild symptoms.

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The US CDC says the COVID-19 coronavirus can cause more severe illness in some people, than the common cold.

The Covid-19 coronavirus can also take longer before people show symptoms and people can transmit the disease for a long time.

Meanwhile, flu sufferers are usually contagious about 1 day after showing symptoms. However, people with the corona virus can transmit the disease before and without any symptoms.

Studies have found that people infected with the coronavirus can spread the virus 8 days after symptoms appear.