Don’t Underestimate Dislodged Teeth! Not Just Oral Health Problems, But It Can Be A Sign Of Other Diseases – Loose teeth are not only a problem for oral health, but can also affect the health of the body as a whole. The cause of dislodged teeth can be caused by various factors, such as caries or accidents.

The Ministry of Health’s 2018 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) data recorded that 93 percent of children aged 5-6 years in Indonesia experienced dental caries. The higher a person’s age, the number of cavities also increases.

So that at the age of 65 years and over, the average Indonesian people lose 17 teeth due to caries and other factors.

The chairman of the Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI) drg. Usman Sumantri, MSc., said the standard from the World Health Organization (WHO) is that a person should lose a maximum of 11 teeth within a period of 5 years.

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Oral health illustration.  (Shutterstock)
Oral health illustration. (Shutterstock)

“If possible, there should not even be a date,” said Doctor Usman in a webinar with Pepsodent, Tuesday (22/3/2022).

He added that the more tooth loss will affect chewing function. This condition can also have a bad impact on the work of the digestive system so it gets heavier because the food is not chewed properly.

“As a result, the absorption of food will also be disrupted. So everywhere is the effect of people losing their teeth,” he said.

Aesthetic issues will also be affected. The emptiness that occurs will make a different appearance and also affect the facial muscles.

“If you have lost a lot of teeth, surely the facial muscles will also be affected. He will go down and accelerate people to be older than their actual age. It makes self-confidence decrease,” he concluded.

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