Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

Allo Bank Apk – If you are looking for an alternative link so you can download allo bank, then you should read it until the end of our discussion this time.

Because, we will provide all the information along with the Download Allo Bank Apk link completely and clearly.

Digital technology has been attached to become one of the most important parts of modern life that is being lived.

Moreover, some small and large companies have provided their various services in an online application.

Including companies in the banking sector, now they are trying to use advanced technology to provide services to all customers.

A breakthrough like this is indeed very useful, especially now that some people have used digital transactions when shopping.

You also must be often annoyed because you have to go back and forth just to print income to expenses in your account book.

Not to mention that you get a fairly long queue, so that makes you feel even more annoyed.

That is why, a breakthrough in mobile banking technology is the right solution for all banking customers.

Recently, a mobile banking technology called Allo Bank Apk is trending, so what is the application that is going viral on social media?

About Allo Bank

Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

If you are hearing about this banking application for the first time, you will definitely feel confused about the functions or other things that are in the application.

So, Allo Bank is a digital platform developed by a local banking sector company by offering a variety of online services.

Actually, it’s only natural that you just found out about the allo bank apk. Yes, the article is that this banking application is still relatively new, because it is still in a trial phase which was released in early 2022.

Even though it is still in the pilot stage, if you are looking for information or the history of this banking application, you will be surprised.

This is because this application has actually been around for a long time in the banking world in the country.

Previously, the name of this application was not allo bank but PT Bank Harda Internasional aka BHI. However, recently it has been acquired by another company, namely PT Mega Corpora in 2021.

Precisely in June 2021, PT Bank Harda Internasional Tbk was officially renamed to PT Allo Bank Indonesia TBK.

The change in the name of this banking application has also received official approval from the OJK / Financial Services Authority.

Therefore, this application has obtained official permission both from a legal point of view or from the OJK.

In other words, you don’t need to hesitate when you want to try using this one banking application. Moreover, there is Chairul Tanjung’s name behind the Allo Bank application.

Allo Bank Apk Features

Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

Similar to online applications in general, you will also get a wide selection of interesting features from Allo Bank.

All the features provided by the developer of this application can be used for free.

If you are curious about the list of features embedded in this one application, you should see directly the complete information that we have prepared below.

1. Free Transfer

The main advantage of using the Allo Bank application is that it makes transfers for free. You will get an advantage such as not being charged a penny when making money transfers.

2. Top Up Digital Wallet Balance

In addition to transferring money to all local banks, you can also use this application to top up your digital wallet balance. Such as DANA, Gopay, OVO or so on.

3. Pay the Bill

Another advantage that can be felt by allo bank apk users is that it makes it easier when they want to pay a bill for electricity, PDAM, internet, E-commerce to other bills without being complicated.

4. Send Gift

This banking application also provides services in the form of sending gifts, you are free to send gifts in the form of money or words to all relatives and fellow users.

5. PayLater

The next advantage that allo bank users can feel is that they can shop online anytime without having to pay directly.

This means that you can shop using the pay later method. This is because this application has been supported by the PayLater feature.

6. Withdraw Cash

The main advantage of the Allo Bank application is that users can freely withdraw cash at all ATMs without having to carry their ATM card. Very simple isn’t it?

Actually, there are still many advantages and advantages of this one banking application, all the features and services available can be used for free without any conditions.

AlloBank Apk Promos & Events

Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

Interestingly, there will be several interesting promos and events that will be provided by the AlloBank application later.

If you want to participate in AlloBank promos & events so you can get a prize of 100k in cash, please upgrade the application version to Allo Prime.

Although basically the AlloBank application has not been officially released by the developer, promos & events have been held and you can join now.

Therefore, just follow the promo from AlloBank to get 100k instantly for free.

In order to make it easier for all of you to succeed in getting a 100k cash prize from the Allobank Apk event, please follow the steps that we have shared below:

  • Enter in one of the browsers on your respective device.
  • Just select Chrome, then access the page.
  • If you have successfully entered the AlloBank Apk main page, you will see a notification/information. Please read.
  • The contents of the statement are none other than 100k cash prizes if you successfully register in the Allo Bank application.
  • But actually, things like this can only be done by employees of the application. Because, they have the right to add a referral code.
  • Just try to invite as many friends as possible with the referral code you have.
  • Good luck.

Those are some of the steps you need to take if you want to succeed in getting a free 100k cash prize.

In conclusion, you should be able to invite friends via the referral code as much as possible so that they join the AlloBank Apk application.

Download Allo Bank Latest Money Making Apk 2022

Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

If you can’t wait to have the Allo Bank application, so you can succeed in getting prizes from interesting promos & events that are taking place.

Then there’s nothing wrong, you just download the Allo Bank Apk the latest 2022 money maker.

Since this application has not been officially released, it is quite difficult to get the application file.

Because any official market parties such as Playstore have not provided the Allo Bank Apk. However, you can take advantage of the alternative links in this article.

NameHello Bank Apk
File Size41MB
VersionNew Version
Operating systemAndroid 4.5+

If the Apk file from the AlloBank application is successful, you can get it via an existing alternative link, so that you can use the application directly without any problems or other problems.

Please immediately carry out the process of installing the allo bank application file on the android device that you are using.

How to Install AlloBank App Apk on Android

Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

All android & iOs users must know very well about the process of installing an application that uses a version from a third party. Yes, how to install apk files is different from applications from Playstore.

Before starting the process of installing the allo bank apk file, you have to give permission in the installation option from unknown sources first.

So that the Android device system can approve the activities that we will do. Here’s the full tutorial:

  • Download the latest Allo Bank Money Producer Apk 2022 via the alternative link above first.
  • After that, go to Settings / HP Settings respectively.
  • Then click on the Security & Privacy section.
  • Please go to the Unknown Source option.
  • Give a Checklist / Tick to allow the option.
  • Then look for the download results in the File Manager menu.
  • Go to the Download Folder section.
  • Please find the Apk file then press Install.
  • Wait a few minutes until the file is actually successfully installed on your device.
  • Good luck.

By following the steps above, you are sure that you have successfully installed it money making app this one.

How to Register the Allo Bank Application

Download Allo Bank Apk Latest Version 2022 on Android and iOS

After the application file is successfully installed, you can immediately register an account so that the application can be used.

Since the application is still new, not many people understand how to register on the allo bank apk.

So here we will provide a tutorial on registering an account in this application briefly and clearly. Please read and follow all the steps correctly:

  • The first point, visit the page through your respective favorite browser.
  • Enter the invitee’s name according to Allo Prime.
  • Then press PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk which is in the Bussines Unite/Business Entity column.
  • Click Friends on Referrals.
  • Please enter the name according to the data on the respective ID card in the column that appears.
  • Then also include the HP number that you are using alias is still active.
  • Now you just need to wait for the results, the process will take approximately 1 x 24 hours.
  • Wait patiently until you get an invitation via the WhatsApp account listed for registration.
  • Good luck.

If you have received an invitation from the debeloper via WhatsApp, it means that you can register or download the Allo Bank Apk file.

That way, you can just use it and take part in promos & events with free 100k cash prizes.

When is AlloBank Apk Officially Released?

From various interviews that have been conducted by Chairul Tanjung as the person in charge of this application, he said that the Allo Bank application will officially operate in the month of Mater 2022.

In order for the system to operate optimally, Chairul Tanjung will employ selected people at PT Corp to manage the system at Allo Bank Apk.

So you don’t need to hesitate to try to use the application that is currently viral among the Indonesian people on this one.

Not only that, Chairu Tanjung will partner and cooperate with one of the largest digital banks in the world. This makes many people curious about the digital bank that Chairul Tanjung will invite to partner with.

Unfortunately, until now he refused to reveal the party in question. However, some parties assume that the digital bank that will cooperate with Allo Bank is WeBank.

The final word

That’s roughly all the information we can share about Allo Bank Apk Download Latest Money Maker 2022.

We hope that the discussion that we provide briefly can be understood easily and can be useful for all readers. Thanks and good luck trying it!