Download Allo Bank Apk Old Version & How to Register Allo Bank Application – The development of technology today makes it very easy for people to fulfill their daily needs. As we know, living in the modern era is much more practical and easy. There are so many interesting things that you can use to help each other’s needs. Moreover, there are many companies that provide services in the form of applications.

Like the banking world, which is now expanding to the world of digital technology to make it easier for its users. The reason is, there are many services that are useful for customers when making transactions and so on. That way, it will help users meet their daily needs.

Such as doing digital transactions which are currently favored by many users. You can do many important things, for example online shopping on E-commerce. There are many other advantages that you can get with this digital transaction. You can access it easily, without having to leave the house again because everything can be done via a smartphone online.

And one of the emerging mobile banking technologies is Allo Bank APK. You can use this application for transacting needs easily. Therefore, to use the application, please see the full explanation below.

Allo Bank Apk at a Glance

Allo Bank APK is a digital bank application that has been released by PT Allo Bank Indonesia which is under the auspices of the company, namely PT Mega Corporate. And the presence of this application provides services that will make it easier for users later. And able to meet your daily needs. Such as making transactions on various E-wallet platforms, E-commerce, top ups and so on.

There are so many advantages that you can get in this banking application, users no longer need to go to the bank office to take care of all registration needs and so on. You can access everything by using a smartphone only, in the way that has been provided by the Allo bank. How to use it is very easy and practical, if you are interested make sure to download the application right now.

In addition, users also don’t have to worry about the track record when using the application. Because users can see all the transaction activities given. Not much different from other banks, users can save money safely, perform many other services and so on. In addition, it is equipped with a simple interface that makes it easier for customers later.

Download Allo Bank APK

You can use Allo Bank APK easily through the smartphone device you are using. However, please note that this banking application has not been officially released yet. Therefore, let’s wait until allo bank is actually launched by the company.

However, there is no need to worry because you can still use this application easily via the download link that we will provide directly in this article. Please see more details about Allo bank APK as follows.

NameAllo Bank APK
Size41 MB
DeveloperHello Bank
Download LinkClick here

How to Install Allo Bank Apk

Of course, you can complete the tutorial on how to install this application easily, and activate unknown sources first through settings. The method is simple and simple, therefore please refer to the full explanation as follows.

  1. The first step, please download the allo bank APK first
  2. After that, open Settings on your respective cellphones
  3. Select Security & Privacy, and tick the Allow unknown sources section
  4. If so, open the storage file on your device
  5. Next, find the file that you downloaded earlier
  6. Please press the install button
  7. And wait until the process is successful
  8. Finished

How to Register the Allo Bank Application

Maybe there are still many users who don’t understand how to register this allo bank application on the device you are using. It’s easy, but not everyone can do it. Because many of them do not continue the process after successfully filling the OTP code.

If you are curious, you can try it directly below.

  1. The first step, go to the page
  2. Next, enter the invitee’s name in the Name column and adjust it to Allo Prime
  3. If so, click PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk in the Business Unite column
  4. After that, click on the Friends option on Referrals
  5. And enter your name according to your ID card in the column provided (Name of family/friend)
  6. Then, enter your whatsapp number
  7. Please wait for the results until 1 x 24 working hours, until you can get an invitation notification via whatsapp
  8. If you manage to get the notification, you can download and register at allo bank
  9. Finished

Is Allo Bank Apk Safe

Because it is relatively new and there are still many users who are curious about the security system provided by the application. The reason is, this is very important and you must pay attention, lest you feel harmed by their side regarding fraud or misuse of customer privacy data. Because, nowadays there are so many frauds like that.

No need to worry, the allo bank application has been officially registered by the Financial Services Authority or OJK. So you can use it easily without any hesitation. OJK itself is an official state institution that has several tasks such as supervising, regulating examinations, investigations and so on. Especially if the allo bank application is a company issued by PT Mega Corporate so it is safer and you can use.


That’s an explanation of the Allo Bank APK that you can use, until the application is actually released, you can download the allo bank application via the link we have provided above. Follow all the instructions that we have provided in this article. Hopefully useful for readers, thank you.