Download Drakor ID Apk Watch the Most Complete Korean Drama Sub Indo for Free – Do you like watching Korean dramas? You can use certain applications or sites that you can download right now for free and easily. You can watch all your favorite Korean dramas to your heart’s content without being charged at all. One of the trusted sites or applications that you can use is Drakor ID. With this application, you can watch a variety of excellent features that make it easier for you to watch your favorite dramas.

In addition, you can also download a variety of favorite drama videos to watch offline. That way, you can watch it anytime and anywhere. And what is even more interesting, if this application has provided Indonesian language features for you to use and make it easier for you to understand the storyline of the Korean drama that you want to watch.

There are lots of other interesting things that you can get for free. Almost all the favorite drakors that you want are already available in this application. Both old and latest Korean dramas, you can watch them for free and easily on Android devices. In addition, Drakor ID has a very simple interface and is easy for users to use. Interested? Please see the full explanation below.

A Brief About Drakor Id

Drakor Id is a streaming application and you can use it to download various Korean dramas easily and quickly. Lots of drama lovers are hunting for this application for them to access directly. In addition, the appearance of drakor id is very simple and simple. However, in terms of color and design itself, it is a little crowded but still elegant.

So that users will not find it difficult to access the application. You can find your favorite type of drama and download it directly. And interestingly, if this application has provided Indonesian subtitles that you can use. Therefore, we recommend Korean drama lovers to use this interesting application in order to get the best drama shows that can be used on mobile devices only.

Advantages of Drakor.Id

There are so many various advantages that you can get in this interesting application, and it will make it easier for you to use the application. So, please know some of the advantages that exist on as follows so that you can use them right now.

Video Quality Varies

This application offers a lot of Korean dramas with very varied quality. Starting from SD 480p to Full HD 1080p to be able to use SD quality yourself, you can save your respective internet quota. And for 1 episode itself only requires 50 MB to 120 MB only.

High Download Speed

For those of you who like to watch offline, this feature really helps you to download videos with high quality. In addition, the connection provided is very stable and makes it easy for you to get the best variety of Drakor videos for free. And this application also uses servers from 4 countries at once.

Fast Drakor Update

If you are tired of watching Korean dramas, then this application will provide many of the latest updates that you can use. Because this application often updates and does not bore users later. So, you can watch almost Korean dramas that are currently on going on this site.

Features of Drama Id

Just like other Korean drama watching applications, this application is also equipped with a variety of superior features that are very sophisticated for you to access for free and easily. All the features that are available will make it easier for you when using this application and watching various favorite shows with the best quality. Please see the Drakor ID feature as follows.

Offline Mode

Apart from being online, this application makes it easy for its users to watch various favorite dramas offline. Make sure you download the video first and save it on your respective device. That way, you can watch it anytime and anywhere without any more trouble.

Fast Download

The downloader process when using this application is very fast and you can try it right now. So you don’t have to wait any longer and make users satisfied. However, the internet connection is also a problem that must be considered. So make sure if you have a stable internet network.

User Interface

Drakor Id also has an elegant and simple UI. So that users can more easily when accessing the application. However, even though it’s simple, drakor id is complete and makes it easy for you to get a variety of favorite dramas easily and for free. What’s more, the download process is very fast and not complicated.

Display UI Black Edition

With this feature, it will help its users when watching Korean dramas become more comfortable. With an all-black appearance, it will make your eyes more relaxed and not dazzle. This method is perfect for those of you who have minus eyes and so on.

Full Features

One of the roles that make users feel more comfortable when using this application is that there are very complete features that you can access for free without having to spend money again. You can also freely use the various features that have been provided freely.

Watch History

There is also a viewing history feature and helps you when you forget what movies you have watched. And you can easily find out which episode of the films you’ve watched before. Make sure you access the application.


To make it easier for users to find their favorite dramas faster, you can use the search feature and find the best dramas that you will watch faster. In addition, how to use it is very simple and will not make it difficult for users.


There are also Korean subtitles and other languages ​​that you can use to make it easier for you to find out the contents of the story from the show you are watching easily. One of them is Indonesian, and you don’t have to worry about all types of dramas that you will watch because it is supported by Indonesian subtitles. Very interesting isn’t it.

Of course, there are many other advantages that you can get in the Drakor ID application. Like a complete movie title and so on. Of course, all the features provided will make it easier for you to access the application faster. Just press the download button below.

Why Should You Use the Latest Version of

Drakor Id has reached its latest version, v3.6, which you can download quickly. In this version you can get various advantages to make it easier for you to watch your favorite drama quickly. In addition, there are many excellent features that you can get in this application and you can access them for free. Please know the features in v.3.6 as follows.

  • Operating system 4.2 up
  • Improved features such as Live chat, drama description, video player
  • Premium Trial fixes and bugs
  • A very light and different Video Player than before
  • Updated on October 16, 2020
  • Applications are lighter when used

Those are some of the advantages that you can get in the latest version of Drakor ID for you to enjoy for free. Of course the advantages you get are very different from before. So, make sure you download version 3.6 by pressing the button

How to Download Drakor ID Apk

There is also a very easy way to download without spending more. You also don’t need to register first because you can use this application directly. Please follow how to download as follows.

  1. The first step, please open a web browser on each device
  2. And enter the official Drakor ID page at
  3. On the main page, please click Download
  4. After that, click the Google Playstore icon
  5. Then, please download the application via the file sharing that you specify, such as through Google Drive, DropBox, or Direct
  6. Wait a few moments until the process is complete
  7. Finished

That’s an easy way to be able to download on your device. That way, you can watch various favorite dramas easily and can download videos without any more trouble. In addition, you can enjoy all the excellent features that have been provided without having to spend more money.


That’s a brief explanation of Drakor Id that you can try to use right now. There are so many excellent features that you can try to use right now and make it easier for you to download the most popular Korean dramas easily and quickly. Hopefully useful for readers, thank you so much.