Download Gameloop FF For Windows Latest Version (Official) – As we know, to be able to play the game made by Garena, namely Free Fire, it can be played via smartphone devices with fairly high specifications. However, it is possible that the free fire game can also be played through the PC or laptop that you have. Sure enough, the easiest way you can try to play FF ​​games on a PC or laptop is to use an application. The name of the application is Gameloop FF which you can try to play free fire games.

Therefore, you no longer need to use a smartphone as the main tool to play free fire games. This is the best solution for those of you who want to play the game on a device with a larger screen than usual. Moreover, how to use the game loop application is very easy, besides that this application is also equipped with lots of features that can be used. The reason is, this emulator was also developed by the free fire game developer so that there are lots of matches that you can find in it.

There are so many players who play FF ​​games through smartphone devices only with fairly high specifications. The reason is, if the specifications of the cellphone are low, you will not be able to open and play the game. If you are lucky and successfully opened, then the quality of the graphics will be low and make the game less exciting than before. Well, to listen in more detail about Gameloop FF, please refer to the explanation as follows.

What is Gameloop FF

Gameloop FF is an official emulator that makes it easy for you to play free fire games on your PC or laptop. Please note, if this emulator was released by Tencent and is an option that you can try so you can play the game on a larger device. The purpose of this emulator is to be able to play free fire games easier than usual. Maybe you are wondering if using this emulator is useful for PC devices only?

Then the answer is no, because you can use Gameloop FF itself on Android users. The use of this emulator is supported with android version 7.0. However, if you use this emulator on a PC device, there are no demanding conditions and require intermediate device specifications. So that you can play the free fire game even better than before. Of course, there are lots of excellent features that you can get in this gameloop ff. Anything? Please see the explanation as follows.

Gameloop FF Features

There are lots of interesting features that you can get in this free fire gameloop emulator to make it easier for you to play FF ​​games later. Just look at some of the explanations as follows.

Complete Control

This gameloop ff emulator offers the main feature that you can use, namely a complete controller. So that users can do many things and other activities on PC devices without any more trouble. And what’s more interesting is that there are no distractions that suddenly appear and interfere with your activities later. You can play FF ​​games like playing games on smartphone devices.

You can use a mouse and keyboard on a PC to make the game even more perfect. Make sure you have to get used to it first, because there are several points of difference on the cellphone and PC that you are using.

Attractive Graphics

Gameloop FF also has an attractive and perfect graphic display, because the graphics presented are much higher quality than the smartphone version in general. Especially if your PC device has provided a very adequate graphics card, you can be sure that it will be able to display the entirety of the free fire game. The graphics in this emulator are able to give you the best gaming experience and different from before, especially if playing on a computer device is much more interesting because it has a wide screen and you can be more flexible.

Minimal Bugs

Don’t be surprised if an emulator also has bugs, because the ff loop game itself is almost similar to other bugs or glitches. It should be noted that the emulator developer itself is not much different from the free fire game developer. No wonder they already know what are the steps to take on the emulator. And then it’s easier for you to play ff games as usual like playing games on a smartphone.


Another advantage that you can get in this gameloop emulator is that it is lightweight for all PCs. Usually the emulator on the cellphone provides a large size and will burden your device later. Therefore, a PC with higher specs is needed to be able to install an emulator and play android games. However, you are lucky if you use this gameloop because this emulator is very light on the PC device you are using. You only need 2GB of RAM, you can install and play FF ​​games as usual.

Find more features in the gameloop free fire emulator. Make sure you download it right now if you are interested and want to try using the emulator directly. For more details, please refer to the following explanation.

Download Gameloop FF

Maybe many of the free fire players are curious and want to try using this emulator for their needs to play games on the PC or computer they are using. No need to worry because will share the download link directly in this article so you can use it right now. Make sure you have to adjust it directly to the PC device you are using. There are general specifications that you must meet first. Please see below.

  • Minimum Specifications: Windows XP, Processor Intel/AMD Dual Core, and higher. RAM2 GB, Graphics: Intel/AMD/NVIDIA
  • Recommended specifications: Windows 7, Processor: Intel. AMD i5 and above, 8 GB RAM, and Graphics: AMD/NVIDIA discree graphics, GTX660 and higher.
NameGameloop FF
Size700 MB
Download Link

How to Download Gameloop Free Fire

It’s very easy to be able to download this gameloop ff emulator, but if some of you are still confused, please see the steps below.

  1. The first step, please open a browser like Google
  2. Then visit the link we provided above or
  3. Next, you will enter the emulator which generally uses Mandarin and when it is opened it will change to English
  4. Please click the Download button
  5. You can wait a while until the process is complete and running
  6. And you can also use the downloader application to speed up the download process
  7. When finished installing as usual

How to Install the Gameloop Free Fire Emulator

If you manage to download the gameloop emulator, the next way is to install it directly. Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know how to install the emulator. Curious? Please see the explanation as follows.

  1. First of all, please open the storage folder on your smartphone
  2. After that, double tap on the file above so that you can carry out the installation process
  3. You can follow all the steps or procedures used
  4. And wait a while until the process runs to completion
  5. Finished

After successfully installed, then you can use the emulator to be able to play free fire games like a smartphone. Therefore, the article is that this emulator itself has been developed by the FF developer. And it is certain that there will be very few bugs and other disturbances when you use the emulator.


Those are some explanations about Gameloop FF that you can use right now, please download and download the application now to make it easier for you to play free fire games later on the PC or computer you are using. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you and thank you.