Download Happy Mall Story Mod Apk (Unlimited Golds & Crystals) – Surely not a few people like to manage and design malls, maybe you are one of them. Well, you can download Happy Mall Story Mod Apk so that you can create all your ideas in the game.

As is known, maybe all this time you have thought about how to manage a mall. Then became a successful entrepreneur from the mall business. Now, having a mall that you manage yourself according to your ideas and creativity is no longer a dream.

Because, now you can build a mall of your dreams with your friends. You can have a variety of shops so you can make your mall crowded. Such as making fast food restaurants, boutiques, to entertainment centers. You can do it with just one finger.

You can play all of that in the Happy Mall Story game. Your task in this game is to attract many customers and make the mall you created the most popular. You can do this by providing all facilities to customers for free. So, your store will be more developed and have more customers.

In addition, you expand the mall and make the store a level. You have to compete with other shops, and see who becomes the most successful. If you’re having trouble making your shop the most successful, don’t worry. You can use a modification application. What is it like? Check out the full review below.

About Happy Mall Story APK

As explained above, that this game has a very easy gameplay. Because, your job is only to design and manage the mall that you have in such a way. So that it has many visitors and many buyers.

Then Happy Mall Story itself is a simulation game that uses strategy and can be played by all people. In this game, you can build buildings, fast food restaurants, boutiques, bakeries, to entertainment centers.

In addition, this game is called the best simulator game. This is because the graphics that it displays are very slick and capable. So it’s only natural that this game looks slick and very realistic.

At the beginning of the game, you will get an empty land. Well here you have a mission to build a mall. As mentioned above, that the mall that you create is according to your wishes creatively. Then after the mall is finished, you have to fill the mall with several shops. You can choose a variety of shops, so that the mall you create has many visitors.

But you don’t have to worry anymore to be the most successful in this game. Because there is Happy Mall Story Mod Apk which will make it easier for you to run a business. You only need to use one flick of your hand, then the mall you create will be the most successful.

Because the Mod version of the Happy Mall Story application is indeed an application developed or modified by a third party. So, all the features you get are also premium and cannot be found in the regular version of the game. The appearance and sound effects in this Mod version also have qualified quality. So, a lot of people play this game.

Then for those who don’t know, this Happy Mall Story game was developed by Happy Labs. The developer himself created this game with a simulator theme.

While the features that exist in the modified version are also quite a lot. Like what features will you try to feel when playing this mod version of the game. You can see a review of the features and advantages below.

Featured Features of Happy Mall Story: Sim Game MOD Version

With its unique and interesting gameplay, it’s clear that this game reminds you of a simulation game created by Happy Labs. Like Restaurant Paradise Mod Apk and Happy Pet Story Apkk.

But clearly, there are several other differences that exist in the Happy Mall Story game. This is so that players don’t get bored with the games they make. So, what are the features that you get from the modified version of the Happy Mall Story game, including:

  • Fully manage the mall
  • Free promotion features to customers
  • Have hundreds of Shops & Shoppers
  • Have fun missions
  • Can be played online and offline
  • There is a built-in camera
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited Diamonds/crystals,
  • You don’t need to buy anything in the game
  • No ads.

Advantages of Happy Mall Story APK Mod

Almost all modified versions of the game have advantages over the original version. No exception with games Happy Mall Story Mod Apk. It is clear that it will make players more happy to download the mod version of the game compared to the regular version. But clearly, there are still some risks when you download the mod version.

Now apart from this, below, we have reviewed in such a way the advantages of the modified version of the Happy Mall Story game. Among others are :

  • No ads, so it won’t interfere with your comfort while playing games.
  • You don’t need to buy any items in the game,
  • Unlimited Money or the money you have in the game is not limited.
  • Unlimited Diamond/crystals game that does not run out

Download Happy Mall Story MOD APK

For those of you who like simulator games, maybe you can try the Happy Mall Story game. You will find a different sensation and excitement. The gameplay in the game is interesting and without limits, it will certainly make you comfortable and not bored when playing it.

Well, for those of you who want to download this mod version of the game, you can click the download link provided below. However, make sure your device has mid-range specs. Because, if your cellphone specs are low, it will be very heavy and take up a lot of memory.

In addition, make sure the internet connection you are using is smooth and stable. So you can download this game smoothly. After you download, then you install this game and enjoy it.

Download Link : Click here

How to Install Happy Mall Story

Then, because Happy Mall Story Mod Apk is not an official application, so the installation method is different from applications from official markets such as the Play Store or App Store. So that this application has an official method to install it, here are the steps:

  1. First, you download the modified application at the link above,
  2. You wait for the download process to finish,
  3. Then, you open the File Manager and look for the Happy Mall Story .apk file that you just downloaded,
  4. Then you open the file and click the Install button,
  5. After that, you activate ‘Unknown Source’ or ‘Unknown Source’ to give installation permission,
  6. Next, you can click Open to directly open the game,
  7. Done and enjoy the game.


Very easy and interesting not a game from Happy Mall Story Mod Apk? Well, less let alone try, you can feel a different experience when playing this game. Therefore, you can try playing this game. Good luck.