Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

Honey Live Mod Apk – Currently, there are many live streaming applications that we can get for free in several versions of the mod apk.

Not long ago we returned to the arrival of a streaming application that can see some beautiful hosts with attractive looks, the latest apk called Honey Live Mod Apk.

Actually, there are many similar applications that have been circulating on the internet, but in the latest version it may be more interesting whether it’s from the host or various other supporting features.

But unfortunately, as usual, many people use this application as a money-making tool by doing live broadcasts that hope to be given donations or gifts from the audience.

The live broadcast in question usually contains adult things, so it’s best for teenagers not to have played honey live mod apk, the latest 2022 unlock room on this one.

About Honey Live Apk

Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

Honey Live Mod Apk is actually a live broadcast application that can broadcast videos and various interesting content from its own users.

Users can share live videos with each other and can also comment, send gifts or sawer with the uploader of the live broadcast.

The application itself is not yet available in the Playstore because it is still a modified version or Apk, but if you want to download it, in this article, the link has been prepared.

For facilities, such as beauty cameras, unlimited coins, unlock rooms and live streaming with a very long duration, you can find Honey Live Mod Apk.

If you are curious to see in detail about the features and all reviews related to Honey Live Mod Apk, please read this article to the end.

Honey Live Mod Apk Features

Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

Before downloading the latest version of the honey live mod apk unlock room, you should first read about its features to be more sure when downloading this application.

There are lots of interesting features that are provided free of charge in a live broadcast application on this one, such as the many interesting hosts and happy communities, the following is complete information.

1. Unlimited Coins/Money

One of the items needed in the honey live mod apk application is Coin because by having lots of coins you can be more flexible when watching live broadcasts.

As our example, if you are watching a live stream and like it, you can give orders using coins as well as being able to play for games and others.

2. Beauty Camera

Because this is a live streaming application, we need a camera that can make the appearance look more attractive like some 360 ​​beauty cameras or others.

But in Honey Live Mod Apk, it is not necessary to download an additional Camera application because the developer has prepared camera effects with very good quality for live streaming activities.

3. Security Features

Honey Live Mod Apk is an application that has not been officially recognized because of that on the Playstore search you may not find it and usually if it is illegal it will be easily banned.

So that users of this application don’t need to worry because security features have been provided and they lose until they get banned, just re-download in the latest version.

4. Happy Community

What’s interesting about this live streaming application is that we can not only see hosts in the nearest area, but their reach is much wider even from abroad.

By having a wide radius, of course, it can make us find many interesting things such as videos, content and others besides that your association will be wider.

5. Can Get Gifts

Honey Live Mod Apk users can get a lot of prizes when doing live broadcasts, well if the video attracts the audience, it will usually give saweran.

Saweran is a form of gift from fans if the content or video that we prepare looks interesting and is liked by the audience.

6. Unlock All Rooms

Although this application is an interesting entertainment place on Android, users do not need to pay to get the services and facilities in the application.

Honey Live Mod Apk offers an unlock room feature that will automatically open a room that is locked or padlocked by streamers.

That way you no longer need to spend coins or money just to open a locked room on this live streaming application.

7. Entertainment

You can get various entertainment features after using Honey Live Mod Apk in its latest version such as live streaming, videos, content or games.

This entertainment facility can help relieve boredom or boredom in daily activities, so you can try switching to this live streaming application first so that it is free again.

8. Simple Look

If you use an application with a complicated menu display, it certainly makes people confused about using it, fortunately Honey Live Mod Apk provides a simple homepage.

This simple homepage display will make it easier for users to use it, besides that, although it looks normal, its performance is not inferior to some other live streaming applications.

9. Have Multiple Hosts

You can see live streaming events in the Honey Live Mod Apk application with a very large selection of hosts besides that the display also looks very beautiful and attractive.

Even the existing hosts are not only from within the country but are also available from several other countries because this application has an international scope.

10. Effects & Stickers

Apart from the above, there are also features such as effects and strikers which you can use to watch and view live broadcasts in this application.

You can use many effects in this application, besides that there are also many stickers that you can use to make words for live chat and comments.

Such are the features available in Honey Live Mod Apk but there are also several other supporters who can optimize services during live broadcasts.

After seeing the features and you want to try out the entertainment in this application, please download the file for free complete with the facilities as described above.

Download Honey Live Mod Apk Unlock Room

Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

Honey Live Mod Apk is not available through the play store but you have to use a download link because this is a mod apk version which means modification.

If we want to have and try to see the excitement of live streaming via the Honey Live Mod Apk application, please see the information and download links below.

NameHoney Live Mod Apk
File Size35MB
Support OSAndroid 5.0 Up
Download LinkHere

How to download it, click the Honey Live Mod Apk download link then enter the download menu, please click download file, wait until the process is complete.

After the file has been successfully saved, then please install the application manually, if you don’t know how to install it, please follow the following review.

How to Install Honey Live Mod Apk

Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

The Honey Live Mod Apk installation process can be done manually like other apk installs but here it doesn’t require root to install it.

To be clear about how to install this application, we will provide a complete tutorial from the initial steps until it is successfully used on an Android smartphone as follows.

  • Make sure the Honey Live Mod Apk file has been downloaded and stored in the folder
  • First you go to settings
  • Second, look for the privacy and security menu, if you have found it, please click it
  • Select active, unknown source to be able to install it
  • If it has been done, please open the folder menu
  • Please find the live streaming application file
  • Once there, directly tap and click install
  • Let the apk installation process run
  • When finished, please check the smartphone menu
  • If it’s available, it means it’s been successful
  • Done and good luck

Such is the process of installing the Honey Live Mod Apk live streaming tool which is currently an application that is gaining popularity and is in the interest of smartphone users.

Please try to use it and find some interesting entertainment offered from this application both on the use of android and iOS mobile phones.

How to Use Honey Live Mod

Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

Because this application has a simple display so that all the menus can be seen clearly such as live streaming, camera, effects, and others.

To run the Honey Live Mod Apk application is very simple because there are not too many modes or settings when using it, but if friends want to see the guide, you can see below.

  • Make sure you have successfully installed the application
  • Click and open Honey Mod Apk
  • On the initial screen you can choose live streaming
  • Please select the content or host you like
  • Click and continue to get started
  • When watching Live streaming you can give gifts or orders to the host
  • If you want to switch events, you can look for other content
  • If you want to do a live broadcast, you can select a camera and click live streaming
  • There are also some features that can be anywhere during live streaming.

That’s how to use the Honey Live Mod Apk application to view streaming or it can also be used as a tool to broadcast live video shows.

There are no settings to make users complicated and confused, just open the apk and get the various services they want.

Strengths and weaknesses

Download Honey Live Mod APK Unlock All Newest Room 2022

As a potential user, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages so you don’t regret it later, that’s why we have prepared a review.

There are many advantages that exist in Honey Live Mod Apk, such as live streaming and others, but the disadvantages are still quite a lot. If you are curious, please see the following.

Advantages of Honey Live Mod

First, we describe the advantages of this live streaming application first, what we can get when running an application, see in full below.

  • Live streaming
  • Lots of interesting hosts
  • Wider reach
  • Can get gifts
  • Can do sawer or donate
  • light apk
  • File size is not big
  • Lots of interesting filters
  • Equipped with special camera effects
  • Happy Community
  • Unlimited coins
  • Entertainment
  • Apk can be downloaded for free.

You can get these advantages for free and there are also other interesting things that will be found in Honey Live Mod Apk.

Disadvantages of Honey Live Apk

After knowing the advantages of this one application, you also have to know about the disadvantages so that later you will understand, here is the information.

  • Not available on Playstore
  • Still not official
  • Must download via link
  • Manual apk installation process
  • Many use this apk for bad things
  • The game options are not complete.

By looking at the information above, you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of a modified Honey Live Mod Apk, the latest version.

Is Honey Live Mod Apk Safe?

The safety of Honey Live Mod Apk is actually still in doubt because this apk is still illegal and unofficial, therefore users must also be more careful when using this application.

This apk resolution that is not available on the Playstore could possibly get banned because its legality is still in question.

But even so, it turns out that many have used this application and they are still safe without any interference from any party.

The Honey Live Mod Apk file size which is not too large will also make the smartphone more comfortable to run as long as it is complete with a good signal internet connection, so it is very light.


Various interesting features can be used in the latest version of the application, besides that there are also modes that are of great interest to users that you can use for free.

Maybe that’s all the latest Honey Live Mod Apk Unlock All Room 2022 review that we can discuss, always use an apk tool for positive activities. Good luck and hopefully useful, thank you.