Download Link Apk Client FF Advance Server 2022

FF Client Apk

FF Client Apk – The name of the FF Advance Server Client must be familiar to survivors or Free Fire game players. Through this server, players can get rewards and unforgettable experiences by trying pre-updated gameplay.

How to register for Client FF Advance Server and when is registration for 2022 open? Check out the full explanation below.

What is Client FF Advance Server?

The FF Advance Server client is a special server provided by Garena Free Fire. The purpose of this server is so that players can see the pre-updated version of Free Fire.

Later, Garena will invite several groups of survivors or Free Fire players who have the opportunity to see the latest pre-update Free Fire features.

The Free Fire display displayed on the Client FF Advance Server includes almost everything in Free fire, from weapons, skins, maps, characters to the gameplay.

Not everyone can be invited to this Client FF Advance Server, therefore you must be one of the influential survivors first.

Register on Client FF Advance Server

To be able to use the Client FF Advance Server and download the application, you must register or register first.

Later, through this account you can find out whether you get permission to use the FF Advance Server Client or not.

The following is how to register an account on the Client FF Advance Server:

  1. Open the official website of the FF Advance Server Client. Please click here if you still don’t know the website in question.
  2. You’ll see the option to sign in with a FaceBook or Google account. Just choose one of them.
  3. Fill in your complete personal data according to the available fields. Make sure all data is accurate and your phone number and email are still active.
  4. Wait for the registration process to complete.

You cannot immediately tell whether you have successfully logged into the Client FF Advance Server or not, because announcements will be made on certain dates.

You have to be patient if you haven’t been selected later. But if you are successful in logging in, you will be given a link to download the Client FF Advance Server application.

Download the FF Advance Server Client Application

You can only download this Client FF Advance Server application after you get access or permission. The download link for the Client FF Advance Server application will be sent by Garena only to survivors with official permission.

When is FF Advance Server 2022 Client Registration Open?

According to the information obtained, registration for the Client FF Advance Server will reopen in March 2022. There is still no clear information regarding the date, but you can start preparing to register.

FF Advance Server Client Rewards

For those of you who managed to get permission on Client FF Advance Server, you will try a new server and gameplay.

If you find a new bug or problem, you can report it to the server. The main contributor will get a prize of 3000 Free Fire diamonds.

The second contributor as many as two people will get a prize of 2000 diamonds, while the third contributor as many as three people will get 1000 diamonds.

That’s the explanation about Client FF Advance Server. You have to wait for the 2022 FF Advance Server Client registration to open if you want to be one of the lucky survivors. Good luck.