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There are so many applications that make money the easy way, even if we just verify our identity, we can get a lot of money so easily. This is inseparable from the sophistication of the application that we just have to play, we already get a lot of advantages.

Indeed, by getting money through the application we have to complete several missions given by the application so that after completing the mission we get the money.

There are many types of money-making applications, there are applications that we have to invest first before we get money, there are also applications that only become questionnaires and after we fill out the questionnaire we will get the money we want, there are also applications that are only intended as games so that we win the game we will get a lot of money.

In this article, we will discuss some things about money-making applications that are currently used by netizens to get money easily without having to work hard and sweat a lot, but we must dare to be dizzy so that the money can enter our account.

Overview of One Set Apk Application

one set apk

This time we will discuss an interesting application where this application is a competitor to investment-based applications, namely the one set Apk application, maybe, some netizens don’t know about this application but it turns out that in big cities this application has been used very much and has even gone viral. , we will also definitely wonder what type of application this application is than we are more curious if we look at the explanation below, about one set of Apks along with interesting information.

Information that has been collected from various sources One set APK is a gold-based investment application where this investment will focus on the ups and downs of gold prices, indeed in recent years this investment is quite popular with some people because the price is clear and certain every year the price of gold always going up So that investors will assume gold investment will get a lot of profit.

One set APK is currently going viral among rupiah seekers without using any effort. Because the article is that this application is predicted to be a successful money-making application in Indonesia, but unfortunately for the installation of this application it is not listed by the Google Play Store because it has not received official permission from the Ministry of Communication and Information, but some sources say this application is quite safe because this application is very clear. and many users have used this application.

With gold as the focus of investment, we as investors will get a lot of benefits from investing in gold, we can also find out easily when gold prices go up and old gold prices just look at the last few months and the things that usually make gold like it or not. preferred.

Tutorial How to Download One Set Apk on Android

With one set Apk, with only this application list, we can get 44,000 money by our way of KYC or what we usually call identity verification, this makes the One Set Apk application very popular so we will be interested in the gold investment offered by the One Set APK application. , for the installation, this article will explain the tutorial instead of getting curious, let’s look at the tutorial below:

  • The first thing we do is open the link that has been provided so that we can make it easier to directly install the application.
  • Here’s the link
  • After we don’t forget to verify our cellphone number and verify our identity.
  • Then after successfully dification, suddenly we will be directed to the Google Play Store to download applications that are a collaboration in one set of APKs.
  • Don’t forget we download the application and install it on our phones
  • The thing we need to know is that we have to re-register the mobile number that we have registered on the link.
  • Then after everything is done, click the gold sign to get a gold bonus and we can start investing in gold in the platform and one set APK application.
  • Do the verification process or what is commonly called KYC and the process does not last very long.
  • Also make sure we have to complete the challenge of reading articles and one article that we read will be rewarded rp1
  • Then after that we open the financial page, select the community menu and enter the VWYM code. This is for asset coins to enter
  • And finally we get a bonus and then we can cash it into our account.

The final word

Thus the article that we can convey, hopefully this article can be useful, look forward to our next update for other interesting articles on our site.