Download MB WhatsApp (MB WA) Apk iOS Latest Version 2022

MB WhatsApp – Currently WhatsApp has become the most popular chat application in the world. Thanks to its popularity, nowadays we don’t hesitate anymore if we ask other people for our WA numbers instead of asking our regular cellphone numbers.

Why is WA currently successful in attracting the attention of Android Smartphone users? Of course because this application offers convenience, speed, and stability to its users.

In the past, we understood the BBM Messenger application, which at that time had dominated the online chat application caste, but often problems occurred such as Ceklis, Jamred, and so on, but now its position has been replaced by WhatsApp.

Try to look carefully, have you ever had a checklist on WhatsApp because of internal problems such as from the server? Definitely not if we still turn on the cellphone, unless our cellphone is off, only when someone else sends us a message, until the status is ticked 1.

Although it is considered perfect, there are still many users who want this and that feature for the WhatsApp application.

For example, our friend sends a photo but it can’t be downloaded and the result is corrupted, and sending HD video with large dimensions does the download stop? Of course, if we realize, all of this is to increase network speed to make it faster.

This appears an application called MB WhatsApp where the features you can’t enjoy on the WA application that you get from the Playstore.

MB WhatsApp Reviews

Download MB WhatsApp (MB WA) Apk iOS Latest Version 2022

MB WhatsApp is a mod of the WhatsApp application with some bonuses that are not in the original version. MB WA appeared at the request of some users who complained about the lack of features in the original developer WhatsApp.

The appearance of MB WhatsApp is very interesting, there are various cool themes that you can use for free. At the top, you will create a wide search bar column. At the bottom, you can see several bars such as the status bar, settings bar and camera bar.

Features of MB WhatsApp

Download MB WhatsApp (MB WA) Apk iOS Latest Version 2022

This successful modification adds to the excellent features of MB WhatsAp, you can see the following features for more details.

1. Chat Without Save Contacts

You can contact other users’ numbers without the need to make friends first. For example when you and other people who are in the same chat in phone calls and chats.

2. Turn off the last online

You must have seen friends who are opening WhatsApp and their status is online, you will also definitely know when they closed their WhatsApp through their last online status.

Well, in this WhatsApp MB feature, other people can’t see the last time we were online or open the application.

3. Hide Online Status

Not only deactivating last seen, we can also hide online status opening WA without the need to exit WhatsApp.

For those of you whose privacy does not want to be disturbed by other people in this WA chat application, this one feature can be your mainstay.

4. Turning Off Forward Messages

Forward or Forward messages are useful when we are copying and pasting text manually. This feature is very helpful for users, this can be turned off through the MB chat WhatsApp APK feature. So through this one feature, other people cannot forward the messages we send.

4. Set Who Can Contact Us

We can set in one click the people who can contact us both from video calls, regular calls and note messages. This feature is the same as the Blacklist, the difference is that you blacklist manually and you do this automatically.

5. Turn off Pull messages

This feature is generally used when we want to revise the reading of a message that has already been sent to the recipient. Thanks to this feature, the message drag function for all readers, both in individuals and groups, will be disabled.

6. There are 3000 Interesting Themes

For those of you who are bored with the appearance of the WhatsApp chat background – that’s all, then MB WhatsApp APK presents many cool themes. You can use it through the library and use it however you want. Moreover, the number of these cool themes reaches more than 3000.

7. Hide Multimedia Files in Gallery

You must have joined a WhatsApp group with strange members such as spreading pictures, videos and recordings? Unfortunately, the file goes directly to our cellphone gallery and becomes a file that adds storage capacity.

This clearly reduces the performance of the phone. Well, thanks to this feature you can set whether photo and music files go directly to the gallery or not.

8. Maximum Photo File Dimensions 21MB

Generally, the maximum dimensions of photos that can be sent by this Facebook-owned chat application are only a few MB, but thanks to the MB WA Apk, you can send photos up to 21 MB.

9. Send Photos more than 10 JPG

You can also send JPG, PNG, JPEG and other photo extensions up to 10 photos. This is very useful for those of you who work daily using WhatsApp to send work reports.

Download MB WhatsApp iOS Latest Version 2022

Download MB WhatsApp (MB WA) Apk iOS Latest Version 2022

Well, for those of you who want to have and install the MB WhatsApp application, we have prepared the file that you can download quickly. But first, consider the minimum specifications that can use the MB WhatsApp Mod Apk as follows.

NameMB Whatsapp, MBwhatsapp, MB WA
Size56 MB
Versionv.8.87 Newest 2022
OS SupportAndroid 5.0+ and iOS

How to Install MB WhatsApp Mod Apk

Download MB WhatsApp (MB WA) Apk iOS Latest Version 2022

You can install it yourself on Android and iOS, but you have to install it manually. Let’s just follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the WhatsApp mb file earlier
  2. Then open the File Manager menu to proceed to the install process
  3. If so, click on the file that you downloaded earlier and install it
  4. If an Unknown Source notification appears, please just activate it
  5. Continue to the installation process, wait until the installation process is complete
  6. It worked, good luck

It’s not easy to install this WhatsApp MB process, please follow the tutorial we explained earlier so you can use this WA MB smoothly without any problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MB WhatsApp

Download MB WhatsApp (MB WA) Apk iOS Latest Version 2022

Each application certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages, as is the case with this MB WA application. There are also advantages and disadvantages that you must know, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of MB WA, see the following explanation.

Advantages :

  • Has a wide selection of contemporary themes
  • Can send pictures or photos that are large
  • Can use dual accounts at once
  • Hide online status
  • View deleted messages

Deficiency :

  • Questionable security system
  • Prone to getting banned
  • Can’t update on playstore and app store
  • Illegal Application
  • Easy to get.

The final word

That’s what we can inform you about the latest MB WhatsApp Mod Apk 2022. Now for those of you who are hesitant to use this one application, you can use your second cellphone number for the solution. Thank you, hopefully useful. Best regards team