Download Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 Apk Latest Version 2022!

Download Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 Apk – The Minecraft game always presents a variety of games for each user. One of them is like Minecraft Alpha version 0.0.0. This version is being searched and used by many people, are you looking for that version too? If so, please refer to the explanation that I will give in the following article.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, most people still spend their time playing or working at home. Not a few people spend their free time playing the game Minecraft.

What’s more, with Minecraft Alpha Version 0.0.0, many active players are curious to try it. Not only that, not a few players are also curious about various interesting features that they have never encountered in Minecraft as usual.

Because it’s rumored, Minecraft Alpha Version 0.0.0 has a variety of very interesting features and a different kind of fun to play. Surely you are more curious, not Minecraft Alpha Version 0.0.0. Before playing it, you better get to know and find out more about what Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 is.

Minecraft Alpha at a Glance 0.0.0

Download Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0

Of course, if you are a loyal Minecraft player, of course you already know that this game has no ending at all. In this game, we can make something and do something we like.

Here we can create our own castle with interesting items that can be obtained from the game for free or paid. Minecraft is very similar to a puzzle game, or like lego which has a way of playing that is not much different.

Where players can build a building, the buildings they build must require an item to make it look attractive. Interestingly this one game, we can play as we please without any limitations at all.

If you’re a player of the original Minecraft, it’s definitely not the time to collect items and build a dream castle. So from that, you can try an Alpha 0.0.0 version of Minecraft. You can use this version on Android, so we don’t need to buy a PC/laptop to play it. How? Interested? If so, please follow the instructions to be able to download it.

Download Link Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0

What about the explanation I gave above? It should be noted, here I do not invite friends to use the Alpha version 0.0.0. Because we know ourselves, that Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 is illegal or illegal.

However, if you want to know more. I will provide details about the specifications of the Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 application as below.

  • Name : Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0
  • Developer : Mojang Studios
  • Minimal OS : Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz (4GB RAM)
  • Size : 34 MB
  • Version : v0.0.0
  • Release Date : March 3, 2022
  • Featured Features : 1. Unlock All 2. 3D Graphics
  • Download Link :

And for how to install it, you can follow the instructions I gave as below:

  1. Copy or click the link I provided as above, and please download it to completion.
  2. Before that, make sure that you have removed the previous version of Minecraft.
  3. Then go to the HP settings go to the menu Security and enable Install Permission from Unknown Source.
  4. Find the file that you downloaded earlier, and click Install.
  5. Wait for it to finish.

Features of Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0

Certainly different from the original Minecraft version, in Minecraft Alpha you can take advantage of the features available there. What are the superior features? Here’s the explanation:

1. Mystery Puzzle

For the original version, when looking for or finding puzzles and rare items, it’s definitely a lot of fun. Because, we can live a world that is not scary at all. Unlike or vice versa with this version of Alpha 0.0.0, all the puzzles contained in this version are certainly very challenging. There are several vibes such as Horror, Creepy and jumpscare.

2. Mini Games

In Minecraft Alpha, we can do a task that will later be able to help with resources in building castles. If you complete the mission provided, players will get several items that can be used to develop personal development.

3. Unlock All Features

Although it has a puzzle that is quite scary. Here you can get some interesting resources or items just by leveling up.

The final word

That’s the kind of information that only Candidates can give about Download Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 Apk. Hopefully this information can help you find out the latest Minecraft versions.