Download Mod BUSSID Bus Truck Private Car Coolest & Latest Motorcycle – Various BUSSID mods of buses, trucks, private vehicles, and motorbikes are available in this article. We have prepared a collection of BUSSID mods that you can download for free. Well, for those of you who are looking for the BUSSID mod, please download it at the link we have provided below.

BUSSID aka the Indonesian bus simulator is one of the best android games by the nation’s children. This Indonesian bus simulator game offers a simulation game of being a bus driver in Indonesia. By playing the BUSSID game you will feel the sensation of being a bus driver in Indonesia.

The game released by the maleo developer is not only popular in the country. Indonesian bus simulator games are also very popular abroad. This is proven by many gaming YouTubers who play the Indonesian bus simulator game on one of their YouTube channel video content.

We have to admit that even though this Indonesian bus simulator is a local game, this game has very clear graphics. Not only that, you can get a lot of other fun from this Indonesian bus simulator game. In this game you can change your template or bus livery using the livery of well-known bus companies in Indonesia.

So that the appearance of the bus that you play becomes cooler. In addition to replacing the Indonesian livery bus simulator, you can also change the type of vehicle on the Indonesian bus simulator by using the Indonesian bus simulator mod. Well, this time we share a collection BUSSID MOD buses, trucks, private cars, and motorbikes. You can download the Indonesian bus simulator mod which we share for free below.

What is the BUSSID Mod

The BUSSID mod is a file with the .bussidvehicle or .bussidmod extension which can be an additional vehicle to play in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game. By using the Indonesian bus simulator mod, you can change the default vehicle in the Indonesian bus simulator game into the vehicle you want.

The Indonesian bus simulator mod feature has also been provided by the bus simulator game developer. However, for the Indonesian bus simulator mod available in the Indonesian bus simulator game, the variants are very limited. So to get the Indonesian bus simulator mod as you want. You can download it through sites that provide Indonesian bus simulator mods such as banteday.

Well, as we promised above, in this article we share a cool Indonesian bus simulator mod from various types of vehicles such as buses, private cars, trucks, and motorbikes. You can download the type of Indonesian bus simulator mod that you are looking for in the download link that you provide for free below.

Download the Bling2 Application: Click Here

Cool and Latest BUSSID Mods

There are many Indonesian bus simulator mods from various types of vehicles that we share in this article. You can choose the type of vehicle you like to change it on your bus simulator game account. Well, here’s a collection of cool and latest BUSSID mods that you can download for free below.

JB2 SHD Full Anim

BUSSID JB2 SHD Full Anim Mod


JB3+ MHD Voyager

JB3+ MHD Voyager


Truck Canter Bandar Susu Triangular Tarpaulin

Mod BUSSID Truck Canter Bandar Susu Triangular Tarpaulin


New Canter Truck Cooperate

BUSSID Truck New Canter Mod Coupled


Car Alphard Cvt By EAP

Mod BUSSID Mobil Alphard Cvt By EAP


XPander Std . Cars

BUSSID Car XPander Std . Mod


Honda CBR600RR

Mod BUSSID Motorcycle Honda CBR600RR


Kawasaki Ninja 150rr Drag

Mod BUSSID Kawasaki Ninja 150rr Drag


How to Install BUSSID MOD

After you download the BUSSID mod of your choice. Then you can install the BUSSID mod to replace your vehicle. As for the steps please you can see as below.

  1. First, please open the application File Manager / My file on your cellphone
  2. Then please select Downloads / Downloads Folder
  3. After that, please look for the MOD BUSSID file that you downloaded earlier
  4. Next, please move the MOD BUSSID file to the Internal Storage > BUSSID > Mods
  5. Then please open the Bus Simulator Indonesia game
  6. Then select to Garage and press the button “>” or “
  7. Then the Vehicle from the BUSSID MOD will appear
  8. Finally, please press the button Use

The final word

That’s the information we can share in posting your latest article regarding the BUSSID Mod. Hopefully what we have shared in this article can be useful for all readers of this article. Thank you and hope it is useful.