Download RA WhatsApp (RA WA) Apk iOS & Android Latest Version 2022 – Modification applications owned by WhatsApp are quite varied and are mostly used by additional feature researchers. This feature is available on the RA WhatsApp application which is one of the best applications available today.

The RA WhatsApp application was developed by an Indonesian citizen who has great abilities. So the various features in it are adapted to the needs of domestic Whatsapp users.

Before you use the RA WhatsApp application. It’s a good idea to prepare a download link in advance and also learn about the various types of features that are in it. So you will not experience any difficulties or problems at all.

RA WhatsApp Reviews

RA WhatsApp Reviews

Compared to some other modified WhatsApp applications, RA WA may still sound very foreign. But the number of uses is also quite a lot considering this application has an interface design that is very similar to WhatsApp on IOS.

The person who developed the RA WhatsApp Apk is named Ridwan Arifin. He developed WhatsApp which is functionally almost the same with some other modifications but adds some elements. So this WhatsApp RA application at first glance is very elegant.

The size of the RA WhatsApp Apk iOS application is also not too large. So, everyone can use this app easily. Even those who have a cellphone with a RAM size that is not too large can still install and run well.

Maybe based on our experience, if you want to use this modified application, make sure to choose the most recent version. Avoid using older versions of applications because they have the potential to cause blocks.

In addition, you are also advised to always activate the anti-virus on your cellphone. The point is that you are free to use any type of WhatsApp mod application as long as you still have vigilance, and this WhatsApp Mod is no exception.

RA WhatsApp Apk Featured Features

The superior features of RA WhatsApp are quite diverse and most of them can be used by its users. Here are some excellent features that RA WhatsApp has.

1. Lock Conversation

Lock Conversation

One thing that is quite scary when using the WhatsApp application is messages that cannot be locked. This means that other people can open the message directly and read whatever is in there.

Fortunately, if you use RA WhatsApp which is a modified application, so the conversation testing process can be done automatically. You can test the conversation there directly by entering keywords.

If you want to read the conversation again, you can directly enter the word. If you forget or can’t, the conversation will always be locked so you can’t open it at any time. So make sure not to forget it.

2. Send Multiple Images and Without Compress

Send Multiple Images and Without Compress

One of the most reliable functions of the RA WhatsApp application is that it can send large amounts of images. Usually when using standard applications will be limited to several files in one delivery.

This means that you do not need to repeat the sending process many times. Just once or twice can send a large number of pictures to other people. Moreover, they both use the modified WhatsApp application.

Besides being able to be used to send images in large quantities. All images available there will also not get the compression process. So the size will remain the same following the file being sent.

3. Privacy Enhanced

Privacy Enhanced

Privacy will also be increased if you use RA WhatsApp Apk. The meaning of abandoned privacy is quite varied, ranging from eliminating online status so that other people will not know your whereabouts.

In addition there is also an increase in privacy on the status so that when you see someone else’s status the avatar will not appear. So other people will not know whether you have seen the status or not see it at all.

Last but not least is privacy when it comes to messages that have been read. The other person will not know this so even if you have read the message they sent they will assume it was unread.

4. Download Status Easily

Download Status Easily

Download status can also be done quite easily. So far, if there is an interesting status owned by someone else, usually you will ask the owner directly. Next they will send photos or videos that they post.

Using this RA WhatsApp Mod Apk you don’t need to do that. All you need to do is enter the status that is owned by someone else and then you can press the download button that is there.

Automatically all data will be directly saved. So as long as the status is still not deleted or lost, you can immediately save it with a resolution according to what is there.

5. Have an Attractive Appearance

Attractive Appearance

The appearance of RA WhatsApp is quite attractive, so it can be used for various needs. This view can also be modified according to your own needs so that applications belonging to yourself and others can be different.

There are lots of changes that can be made if you use the RA WhatsApp Apk. One of them is to make changes to the background and also changes to the typeface or font used.

6. Remove Messaging Indicator

Remove Messaging Indicator

When you are carrying out a conversation, there will usually be an indicator at the top. When you’re typing there will usually be an inscription If you’re typing something before the message can be sent to other people.

If you use WhatsApp RA, the indicator will be removed. This means you don’t have to worry about typing messages. So, everything can be removed and there is no need to rush when you want to reply.

In addition to this capability there is also a feature to prevent deletion of messages. So even if someone else has deleted the message. You don’t need to worry because the message can still be read at any time.

7. Abundant Collection of Emojis and Stickers

Abundant Collection of Emojis and Stickers

The collection of emoji and stickers owned by the RA WhatsApp application is very large and all of them can be used immediately. You can directly download this application and use it for conversation.

If you use the standard WhatsApp application it will not be possible because you have to install a third-party application. So it will be very inconvenient and wasteful with internal memory.

This collection of emojis and stickers can be used entirely for free without having to pay anything at all. This means that you are free to use all the assets that are there without exception by using the RA WhatsApp.

Advantages of RA WhatsApp Apk

Advantages of RA WhatsApp

Talking about the advantages of RA WhatsApp Apk is indeed quite interesting. If you are still worried, you can listen to some of the following discussions.

1. Unblocked

The first advantage that RA WhatsApp has is its ability to prevent learning from occurring. This means that you will not be blocked even if you use this application for months.

There is the ability to do the shadow process. So the account you use seems to be using the original WhatsApp. This method can only be done if you do the updating process regularly.

The most important thing when using RA WhatsApp is not to do very thrilling actions. One of them is to send files in large quantities continuously.

2. Quick Updates

RA WhatsApp Apk has a fairly fast update compared to others because it is produced by local residents. So in 1 month there will be several times the update process is carried out.

This update process will take a short time so you only need the latest APK file. Then you can start the installation process as usual.

3. Privacy Preserved

If you use RA WhatsApp, it is likely that privacy will be maintained even though there will be no guarantee of an encrypted message sending process. But some data will most likely stay protected so you don’t have to worry.

However, it also shouldn’t be reckless to send anything to other people. So just send messages in text form and don’t use video or document form.

Disadvantages of RA WhatsApp

Disadvantages of RA WhatsApp

The shortcomings of RA WhatsApp can be seen in the following review.

  • Slightly late when updating when compared to the original version. But will continue to be updated by the makers.
  • There is a possibility that the application cannot run on some types of phones.
  • There is no guarantee that messages sent will be encrypted.

Download RA WhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2022

Download App

If you want to get the APK file from RA WhatsApp, it is recommended to visit the site of the person who developed it. If you have trouble, you can directly use the link below.

App NameRA WhatsApp
File Size55 MB
Download linkHere

How to Install RA WhatsApp Apk

The installation process for the RA WhatsApp Apk cannot be done arbitrarily because this file is unknown and also not available on the Playstore. That is, the installation process will not be done haphazardly. For that, see the review below.

  • Change the settings first by accessing the menu security then go to section installation from unknown sources.
  • Toggle or the panels that are there can be activated first.
  • When you have active you can ignore it.
  • Prepare APK file from the modified WhatsApp application.
  • Tap once to start installation.
  • Then you can wait for it to finish then open it to login as usual.

Tips for Installing Safe APKs

Tips for Installing Safe APKs

There are several tips that must be considered first to avoid errors when installing the APK. Read more below.

  • First, make sure to choose a good source from a provider site or a mirror site that is really safe and reliable.
  • Perform the scanning process first on the downloaded APK file.
  • Try to choose the most recent version so that it is safer to use.
  • Try to change the Android security system so that the APK file will not be rejected.

The RA WhatsApp application can be relied on for various needs. You can use it not only to carry out the process of sending data but also to maintain privacy so that other people don’t know.

This application can be downloaded from anywhere including using the link provided above. After the download process, it is always recommended to do an antivirus scan process to avoid being missed.

The most important thing if you want to use this application is to always be careful. However, the modified application is still dangerous if used carelessly, it can even cause your WhatsApp account to be blocked.