Download the FF Advance Server Client Apk, here is the full explanation!

Download the FF Advance Server Apk Client – ​​For those of you Free Fire gamers, let’s move closer because we will discuss an advance server application that can be used by FF players who want to try the FF trial game features before they are released. Garena Free Fire is quite popular among all circles in the last few years, even being able to compete with its predecessor games such as Moba and AOV.

This popularity can not be separated from the gameplay in FF which is quite interesting and exciting so that even though we play this game all day it will not be boring. Moreover, free fire provides a service called an advance server that allows you to try various new features before being officially released in the game.

Downloading the APK client FF advance server, you will feel the sensation of playing games that are different from usual because on this server you can experience the first features of the FF game that other people don’t even know. However, you need to know that not all gamers can play the advance server except for selected players and get a code to login.

Although the discussion about the APK client Free Fire advance server is already quite popular among Free Fire gamers, there are still people who are curious and don’t know about this application from its features, how to play it, and even the download link. Therefore, in this article, we will provide a summary that you can use as a reference so that it is finished!

Explanation and Features of FF Advance Server Apk Client

Maybe some of you are curious as to what the purpose of the FF advance server is, this is one of the servers that was made specifically for testing features and games before officially launching. You could say that this is a test server that is used to perfect anything in the game before being tested by FF gamers in general.

Interestingly, on this server you will find your favorite and newest features that you can use and try for free. You can also get plus points in this game and get special prices when you want to buy diamonds so they are more affordable. No wonder advance servers are being hunted by gamers, you can even get diamonds for free without having to spend a dime.

How to? The method is very easy, you just play as usual and find bugs in the feature or application, then you can report it and get a reward of 3000 diamonds from Garena as payment for your efforts to find the bug.

You need to know that this server cannot be used for a full 24 hours, because the party has the right to close and disable the server at any time. However, usually these advance servers have their own predetermined schedule from opening to closing. One more thing you must know that to enter this server you need a special application, namely by downloading the FF client apk.

You can also play matches with fellow players who are on the same server, the conclusion is that this server is a server that is provided because to review new features or items that will be released later so there needs to be better improvements.

Here are the features that are provided when we download the APK client FF advance server, making this server our opportunity to get abundant rewards and prizes without having to spend a lot of budget. You can also be a player who first knows the leaked features that will be released, see here for the full explanation:

  • There’s a new update that hasn’t appeared in the official version yet, so you can experience the sensation of playing a limited edition game for the first time
  • Enjoy new items that you certainly don’t find in the original version because all items that are still being developed by Garena are here
  • Get free diamonds by the way you have to find bugs in the game while playing so that parties because they can provide the best improvements before they are released and you will also get a prize of 3000 more diamonds later

How to Download Apk Client FF Advance Server

Download Apk Client FF Advance Server

Many gamers from Free Fire ask for the apk client download link to be able to enter the advance server and be able to play on it, beforehand you need to know that this application is very important and needed when you want to play on the FF 2022 advance server, but you can’t download it carelessly.

This is because to use the advance server and get the FF client apk, you have to register and register first when the registration event is opened. You must continue to update the information to get the registration opening date until it closes so you don’t miss any information.

After registering and if you are selected as a game player on this server, you will be able to access the application, don’t worry because the download link to download the application will be provided by Garena which you can install on your cellphone later.

Besides being given a download link, you will also be given an FF advance server activation code which will be entered in the application so you can login. Then is it because it is currently opening an advanced server? The answer is that there is no official or complete information regarding this, but you can continue to look at various social media or websites to ensure this information or you can also click the server registration link here.

Finally, we can provide some information regarding downloading the APK client FF advance server 2022, we hope this information can help you to find out in detail about the Advan server which turns out to be much sought after by FF gamers. In the future, don’t miss the information when registration is open, so you can be one of the lucky ones. Hope it is useful!