Download the Latest FIFA 22 Android Apk Adrection 2022 (Offline)

FIFA 22 Adrection Apk – Currently, the soccer game has become one of the most widely played games on Android and iOS phones, one of which is the FIFA 22 com (address) address apk.

Actually this one game is not much different from DLS 2022 Mod Apkbut the fifa 22 adrection apk is packed with cooler games with HD graphics quality support.

In addition, the apk address fifa 22 com also provides offline services, which means you can play the game without having to use an internet network.

Of course, this is what makes the adrection apk much sought after, maybe one of you who is in this article.

On this occasion, this time we will share the download link for the free fifa 22 com adresion apk for Android and iOS, please see the full review below.

Adression Apk Review

Download the Latest FIFA 22 Android Apk Adrection 2022 (Offline)

Adresi com apk is a website that provides download links for fifa 22 mod apk for free on android and iOS phones by embedding a myriad of premium features in it.

One of the advanced features found in the apk address com fifa 22, among others, is being able to transfer players for free without having to spend any money.

That way you can form a soccer team with the world’s best players, such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and so on.

Not only that, in this fifa adersi 22 apk you can also find various tournaments that can be followed such as the Indonesian League (local), Champions League, Premier League, Spanish League and so on.

Up here, are you interested in downloading the fifa 22 adrection apk? Before that, please know more about its features as follows.

FIFA 22 Adrection Apk Features

Download the Latest FIFA 22 Android Apk Adrection 2022 (Offline)

The developer of apk address com has certainly turned up some cool features in FiFa 22. Interestingly, all the features embedded in the apk can be used for free.

So what features can be enjoyed by using this fifa 22 adrection apk? For more details, please see below.

1. Player Updates

The fifa 22 adrection apk has certainly received the latest update regarding player transfers in the year 2021-2022.

So you can choose a team that is liked or inhabited by the world’s top players, one of which is PSG.

2. Free Player Transfer

One of the attractions of the addreess com fifa 22 apk is being able to transfer players for free without having to spend any coin/money.

So you can buy the world’s top players at will to be used as players for your mainstay team that was previously formed.

3. Choice of League (Tournament)

Apart from that, the fifa 22 mod apk has also made a pretty big update, where there are currently a wide selection of leagues from around the world.

Like the champions league, english, spain, italy and what’s more interesting is the domestic league or the Indonesian league that you can play right now.

4. Career Mode

Furthermore, there is also a career mode that you can use to shape the initial journey of both teams and individuals.

In this mode, of course, you can create your dream soccer team and have the opportunity to participate in the player transfer market.

5. Offline Mode

In general, to play the game, of course, you need an internet connection, but this is different with the FIFA 22 Adrection apk.

Where this one game has been supported into offline mode, so to play it no longer requires an internet network. That way, of course, it will greatly save your daily internet data usage.

6. Support All Music

The developer apk address fifa 22 com already has a variety of music directories that are quite diverse, so that the game becomes more exciting and fun.

With the strains of the music will also make the football game more lively.

7. Full HD Graphics

Another advantage possessed by the fifa com adrection apk is none other than the free quality offered in full HD.

So that the character of each player looks more real like the original. Reportedly the graphics in this game are no less good than the PS4.

In addition, it has also been equipped with a cool feature called hyper motion which will make the game smoother without the slightest lag disturbance.

8. Cool UI Design

Not only in terms of graphics, this fifa 22 apk attachment also has a very must-have interface design.

Thus you can play the soccer game more comfortable and fun.

Actually there are many other advanced features that this apk address com has, for that please you can directly download it below for free.

Download the Latest FIFA 22 + OBB Adrection Apk 2022

Download the Latest FIFA 22 Android Apk Adrection 2022 (Offline)

As we mentioned earlier, the apk address fifa 22 is a site that provides free soccer game download links along with the obb data file.

For those of you who are interested in Downloading the FiFa 22 Adrection Apk, please download the file below.

But before that, you should first check that the internet connection used is stable so that the download process does not fail.

NameFiFa Adrection Apk 22
File SizeVaries
Operating systemAndroid 5.0+
Game DataHere
OBB filesHere

So that the apk address com fifa 22 can support, make sure the android phone used already has a version above 5.0+. If it’s still below that, please upgrade the Android operating system first.

In addition, if you are asked to enter a password for the RAR file, please enter the Musaf Game I9 password.

How to Install the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk on Android

Download the Latest FIFA 22 Android Apk Adrection 2022 (Offline)

After you have successfully downloaded the fifa 22 adrection apk above, the next step is to carry out the installation process.

The process of installing the apk file is certainly very different from installing games on the Playstore, where you must first activate unknown sources on the android phone you are using.

If you don’t know how, please follow the steps below properly and correctly.

  • Download the FiFa 22 Adrection Apk along with the OBB data file.
  • If so, please do the installation process.
  • If the Unknown Source warning appears, simply enable it.
  • Then continue to install until it is completely finished.
  • After that, just move the OBB file to the Android>OBB folder
  • Next, paste the Data file in the Android>Data . folder
  • If everything is done correctly, please play the game.
  • Done and happy playing.

If the Fifa 22 apk address cannot be played, it is likely that there was an error when placing the OBB file.

Please to repeat it again by following the steps that we have shared above.

Strengths and weaknesses

Download the Latest FIFA 22 Android Apk Adrection 2022 (Offline)

As in general, every use of an apk file will certainly never be separated from its advantages and disadvantages.

It’s the same with the use of this one fifa 22 com address apk. To find out, please see below carefully.

As mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, the use of apk address com for the fifa 22 game, of course, has a lot, such as:

  • Able to transfer players for free
  • There are many choices of leagues, including the Indonesian domestic league
  • Latest player updates for 2021-2022
  • Can be played offline on Android phones
  • The graphics quality that is carried is clear (HD)
  • More must-see UI design
  • There are no ads in the game

All of these advantages, of course, you will not find in the use of the original version, so it is not surprising that the FIFA Adrection apk is being hunted.

Although it has been equipped with a myriad of advantages, the use of the FIFA 2022 address apk certainly has other drawbacks:

  • Not all smartphones can support
  • The apk file is quite large
  • Requires high phone RAM
  • Not an official app (illegal)

Even though it has risks, the use of the fifa 22 apk address is still very large, especially for Android phone users.

Is the FIFA 22 Adrection Apk Safe?

Maybe many of you are questioning, is the use of the fifa 22 apk address safe to play on Android and iOS phones?

Until now, the use of the apk is still very safe, but it is possible that the official developer will impose sanctions.

Therefore, think about it before using the adrection apk, because a resino banned account can happen at any time.


Play the fifa address apk game on your Android or iOS cellphone and enjoy all the premium features for free.

Maybe that’s all we can share on this occasion regarding the Latest FIFA 22 Adrection Apk 2022, hopefully it can be useful. Thank you, our respect!