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Savefrom Mod Apk – Currently, there is a lot of interesting content that must be watched repeatedly so that the internet quota unconsciously becomes more wasteful, especially if the network is bad it will be very disturbing

Because of that, it’s best to download your favorite videos and save them in the gallery so that they don’t take up too much of your quota, you can view them anytime and anywhere to watch them without the need for internet.

To make it easier when downloading videos, you should use a tool or application that can help download your favorite content.

There are many downloader applications that can be chosen to help us when we want to download videos, one of which is Savefrom Mod Apk.

You can use this application to download videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many others.

If you want to use Savefrom Mod Apk, please download it in this review, but you should first read the discussion until it’s finished.

About Savefrom Apk

Savefrom Mod Apk : Download 2022 Latest Version for Free

Savefrom mod apk is made by a third party to make it easier for internet users to download videos with HD quality.

By using an apk downloader, we can download videos or other files faster, because the savefrom mod apk is equipped with features to speed up downloads.

Savefrom Mod has a very small size so this Apk will have no effect on OS performance because it is included in the lightweight application class.

Although the size is relatively small, the application’s ability to download a film or other content cannot be underestimated.

Besides being able to download at high speed, this Apk also has a choice of download formats, so every user who will download is given options such as MP3, MP4 and others.

We will provide all reviews related to features or how to download Savefrom Mod Apk complete with how to install and use it, here is the review.

Savefrom Mod Apk Features

Savefrom Mod Apk : Download 2022 Latest Version for Free

Getting to know some of the features in the savefrom mod apk in its latest version has many advantages such as without ads, the download process can be faster and shorter.

Savefrom has many mainstay features such as video downloads, no ads, a choice of formats and others that you can get for free.

1. Download Videos

As explained above, the main advantage of savefrom mod apk is that it can download videos from various sources.

We can easily download and save content or videos into the gallery with the help of the download feature from savefrom.

2. File Format Options

Not only download but we are also free to choose various download formats such as JPG, JPEG, MP3, MP 4 and others are also available quite complete.

This choice of format is very much needed when we want to download a file, well if you want to download a file. Video we can choose MP4 or if you want music tap MP3.

3. No Ads

Savefrom Mod Apk provides premium services such as disabling ads so that nothing interferes with using this downloader application.

A good appearance and no ads make savefrom a downloader application that is much in demand by movie fans.

4. Download Videos

Besides being able to watch content or movies, this apk can also download various large-size content, which can also be downloaded quickly when using savefrom.

You can select and adjust the video quality if you want to reduce the size, but we recommend still using HD quality so that the film looks clearer.

5. Download from various sites

Interestingly, using savefrom we can easily download videos from various sources and sites because almost everything is already connected.

We can download from various other sites or apks such as youtube, web sites, tik tok and others that can be downloaded using the Savefrom Mod Apk tool.

6. Download Photos

Not only reliable in downloading videos but if you need a file in JPG, JPEG or better known as an image or photo format, you can also download it.

Maybe you need a JPG file for various purposes, Savefrom can also download with that format.

7. Faster Downloads

Maybe if you usually download a large file it feels long and tedious but savefrom mod apk provides features that can increase the speed of the download process.

It doesn’t take a long time to download movies with a long duration so users can be more comfortable because the download process is ranked so it’s faster.

8. Format options

To download, we can choose various files and formats, well after determining the video or photo to be downloaded, you should specify it first, such as JPG, JPEG, MP3, MP4 and others.

Determine the format you want because Savefrom Mod has a lot of choices so you can freely choose the type of file to download.

9. Adjust Video Quality

The next feature is that users can specify various video qualities that they want to download. If you need a good quality show, then you should choose HD.

By having HD, the quality will be very good, but you can also choose other lighter formats, these options are all available in full.

10. For Free

Even though it has premium quality features such as no ads, the download process is faster and more. Savefrom Mod Apk is still Free.

You can get premium services for free for various purposes such as downloading or others because the developer does not provide paid services.

The information above is a collection of features in the latest version of the Savefrom Mod application for Android phones.

With the various features above, of course, it will help us in the matter of downloading videos or photos because this Apk has indeed been made for this special list.

Download Savefrom Mod Apk Latest 2022

Savefrom Mod Apk : Download 2022 Latest Version for Free

In the modified version, savefrom mod offers various advantages, because of that many android users prefer the apk version but unfortunately it is not available on the Playstore.

But there’s no need to worry if you need the latest version of the Savefrom Mod Apk file, please download it at the link in the following table for free.

NameSavefrom Mod Apk
Size5 MB
Download LinkHere

That’s the download link, while the method is also not difficult, click the Savefrom Mod Apk link then select download, the file will automatically be saved to the smartphone storage space.

After successfully downloading the latest version of savefrom mod, all you have to do is install the new Apk, you can run it to download videos or other files.

How to Install Savefrom Mod Apk

Savefrom Mod Apk : Download 2022 Latest Version for Free

Switching to the Savefrom Mod Apk installation process, here how to install it is very easy because the root system is not applied in the installation of this application.

Although it is fairly easy, many also don’t understand how to install savefrom mod to a smartphone, that’s why we have prepared the steps as follows.

  • The first thing to do is enter the settings menu
  • Scroll down to find privacy and security
  • Tap the security menu
  • Next, please select activate unknown sources
  • After activating it means you allow the Apk to be installed by the OS
  • Please return to the folder menu
  • Find the Savefrom Mod Apk file
  • Open it and click install
  • Done and successfully installed
  • Please use as needed

Such is the flow of the savefrom mod install process so that it can be run on OS devices, the method does not require a long and easy time.

Next we will provide a guide on how to use Savefrom Mod Apk so that friends can understand better, here is the review.

How to Use Savefrom Mod

Savefrom Mod Apk itself is a tool to help us download files such as content or videos, this means the way it works is to view, download and save.

After seeing how it works, how to use it is also not much different, but to make it clearer, we provide a description as follows.

  • Open Savefrom Mod Apk
  • Enter the main homepage
  • Choose files such as content, movies or photos, please according to your needs
  • If it doesn’t exist, you can enter keywords in the search field
  • Once found, you can preview the video that will be downloaded
  • After making sure you want to save to offline mode, please click download
  • You will get a choice of formats, choose what you need, for example, if you want to download music, then select MP3 for MP4 video
  • Tap on one of the formats then the download process starts
  • Allow this process to end because the file will automatically move to the memory storage space.
  • Finished

How to download videos from various sources using Savefrom Mod can be done in the way we have provided above.

Actually, the download method is almost the same as other downloaders, namely select then download but what makes this application more interesting is the download speed is quite fast.

Difference Savefrom Original & Mod Apk

As a comparison, we will explain the differences between the two versions of the original savefrom and its modifications, this is aimed at making friends understand better, here’s more details.

Savefrom OriginalSavefrom Mod Apk
Available on Play storeDownload Via website
Automatic InstallManual Install
Limited featuresMore features
Usual download processFaster download process
No AdsNo ads
Standard download processVery fast download process
There are free and paidEverything is free

That’s the difference, but the function and usability are the same, namely for monotony, downloading and saving various files, both videos and photos.

Actually, the original version also has the same features, only to save from the premium mod apk, you have to pay differently from the Apk which can be downloaded for free.

Is Savefrom Mod Safe to Use?

Because this is a tool that is used to download various files from a variety of different sources, of course, for security, the developer has provided anti-virus.

Well, it’s possible that various malware viruses could enter, but fortunately, Savefrom Mod Apk is equipped with anti-virus and other security features that are used to protect this downloader application.

The small savefrom mod size is also not too burdensome for the OS, besides that this application supports many Android operating systems so that many more can use it.

So for security information, this apk is quite safe so we can recommend the Savefrom Mod Apk downloader application, which is one of the best at this time.


By using Savefrom Mod Apk you can more easily find content or videos and then download them, the download process does not take a long time.

To download the savefrom mod application, you can use the link provided above, if you don’t know how to install it, we have also provided a tutorial for installing a modified version.

That’s a review of the Savefrom Mod Apk Downloader Latest Version 2022, hopefully this review can be useful, thank you.