Download the Lightest Best Hotspot Application for the Latest PC or Laptop this Year

PC Hotspot Application- is one of the additional programs or Hotspot software that is very useful when we want to share the internet from a laptop to an Android device or other.

Because the internet has become something that is mandatory. In everyday life such as work, activities and even studying cannot be separated from the Internet.

Please note that many people do not know that laptops can be used as hotspots. Alias ​​??computers and laptops can make wifi.

To make it, of course, you need a hotspot application that can later be connected to your Android device. Here’s a list of Hotspot Applications:

List of Hotspot Apps for PC

PC Hotspot App

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mHotspot App

For those of you who have a PC system, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10, you can definitely use an application called mHotspot. Using this app, you can create your own WiFi network, of course.

This app also provides features like free software, unlimited SSID settings, WiFi network sharing, etc.

You will also get information about the IP address and MAC address of the device connected to the WiFi network.

Virtual Router

With an application called Virtual Router, you can create WiFi on a Windows computer without using a router.

This application is an open source one, where you can easily use it and set it freely.

Apart from that, you can also save memory on your computer without any background processes.


Next is the maryfi application, which is also a hotspot application that is light and easy to use.

This application provides access to create a WiFi network by relying on your computer.

Seain as a hotspot application, it turns out that this application can also be used as a repeater tool to strengthen the range of the wifi signal as well.

Connectify Hotspot App

You can install this application on a computer or laptop without any hassle. Packed with a simple appearance makes this application easy for users to use.

You can connect to the Internet using a cable or modem with 3G and 4G connections. You can also set the hotspot SSID.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

The next access point application is called Baidu WiFi Hotspot. The built-in features are also useful for its users.

This application is very useful, and of course very easy to use on your laptop.

What’s interesting here is the blacklist feature. So, you can choose which devices can be connected and which devices are blacklisted. You can use this application on the Windows platform.

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MyPublicWiFi App

Then there is the mypublicwifi application which is a simple hotspot application but has many features.

The way this application works is the same as the others, which is to turn the PC adapter into an AP (access point) that emits a WiFi signal.

In addition, MyPublicWiFi is also equipped with a firewall that can determine which devices can be accessed. What’s more, you can also control which devices are connected to your WiFi network.


Seventhgate hotspot app is here for you for free. This app is very good for WiFi. You can also create private networks and share files to create LAN games.

Apart from that, there are also other features such as additional background services so they don’t take up a lot of memory on your computer.


Then there is the HostedNetworkStarter application which is also one of our recommended hotspot applications for you to try using.

Various features are included in this one application. And also this application can intelligently detect nearby networks, and also detects and notifies users if there is a wrong network.

Apart from that, you can also use this app on Android and iPhone devices as well.

Antamedia Hotspot

Furthermore, there is the Antamedia application which is also included in one of the hotspot applications that we recommend for you to try.

This application allows you to create your own network without using a router.

What’s more interesting, it turns out that this application can also be used to access powered wifi.

OSToto Hotspot App

Continue to the next application, OSToto Hotspot. This application has a simple interface and is easy to operate. In addition, OSToto hotspot is also light to use.

Not only that, but this app can also track a checklist on every device connected to a WiFi network.

In addition, OSToto Hotspot also does not allow file or video sharing so that your security is maintained.

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Those are some hotspot applications that you can use on your laptop or PC. Hopefully useful, thank you.