Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk Latest Unlimited Money 2022 – Since some time ago, game Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk very much sought after by game fans. This is what makes many people more curious about the game. Therefore, just take a look at the explanation of the game below.

As is known, Zombie Tsunami is a game in which there are characters of a group of zombies who have a funny and attractive appearance. The excitement of this game makes it more popular and sought after by many people.

With this game, you can attack a number of places using Zombie troops. When on the road, you also have to attack pedestrians, motorists, and workers so that they too become zombies. So that your zombie group becomes bigger. After that, it can destroy everything that is felt to be in the way.

But unlike the zombies in the movies or videos that you see, the zombies here have funny and fun characters. However, in raising the zombie level you have, you have to collect a lot of coins. Thus, you can become a player with the highest level.

You can’t do that easily. Because, you have to carry out many missions and collect coins. But here you don’t need to worry, because by using the modified version of Zombie Tsunami, you can get everything easily.

How, you are not interested in this modification application? If so, then you first see the explanation about the game below. Thus, you can be clearer and understand about this game.

About Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

As previously explained, Zombie Tsunami is a game that comes from a group of zombies. Then they tried to conquer a village. Thus, the villagers became all zombies.

Then, the victory of this game is determined by the number of residents who turn into zombies. So, if you have few zombies, then you will lose. But if all of your residents are prey and there are too many zombies, then you will win.

Indeed, it seems very easy. But playing the Zombie Tsunami game is not as easy as imagined. Even you need a special trick to win the game.

Actually, at the beginning of the game you will not get a mission or a difficult mission instruction. Then your job is to just survive, after that you have to turn the villagers who were previously filled by humans into zombies. The condition you can win the game is, you must be able to turn as many humans into zombies.

Different from other adventure or survival games, in the Zombie Tsunami game you can play online and add an attractive appearance. Then victory in this game is not measured by how far you cover the set distance. But how many humans have you turned into a zombie figure.

Therefore, many people are looking for Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk, is a game that has been modified by a third party. With this application, you can win easily. This is because all the features are available for free and you are free to use unlimited.

So with this application, you no longer need to bother to get to the highest level. Because, you already get a lot of coins for real. You can even get all of these excellent features for free, it’s not that easy.

Then, you must be curious about the features that will be obtained in the modified application. Below are a number of interesting features that make it easier for you to play Zombie Tsunami.

Zombie MOD Apk Features

After you know about the modified version of Zombie Tsunami, you must be curious about what you can get from the application. As explained earlier, that the game has been modified by a third party, so it will make it easier for the players to play.

Now for those of you who want an instant way, you can try using the application. But if you only want to use the original version, that’s up to you. Because there are a number of striking differences between the original and modified versions. Of course, you will not find interesting features in the original version. While in the modified version, you can get everything. Then what are these features, including:

  • With one button, you can control all hordes of zombies,
  • unlimited coins,
  • All upgrades are unlocked for free,
  • There are 300 missions that you are ready to conquer,
  • Bonus ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and more,
  • 11 sets of backgrounds ready for you to explore.
  • Fly bird zombies and use their power,
  • Can be played for all Android operating systems,
  • Safe, anti-ban.

Actually, there are still a lot of features that you can get. So it would be great if you try this game and feel the excitement.

Download Zombie Mod Apk

After knowing about Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk along with its complete features, will surely make you more curious. Maybe not right now, but next time you will definitely play the game.

You can play the Zombie Tsunami game by downloading it on the Play Store. This is the original version which has limited features. Meanwhile, if you want a modified version of the application, you will not find it in the Play Store. So you have to look for it yourself on the internet.

But you don’t need to worry, because below is a download link for those of you who want to play the game. Interestingly, this game can be used by everyone, the condition is that the device you are using is Android 4.1.

You can download the application using your favorite browser. What are you waiting for, immediately download the game and play. The following download link has been provided here.

How to Install Zombie Mod Apk

Meanwhile, by installing third-party applications, has a special method or method. This method is quite different from installing through the official market. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can see the installation steps Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk below this :

  1. First, you download the “MOD/APK” file on the link provided above,
  2. Then you open the File Manager menu,
  3. Then you search for “Internal Storage” and select the “Download” folder,
  4. Next, you look for the file from “Zombie Tsunami”,
  5. When you have found it, then you just click “Install”,
  6. After that, you will be directed to the settings page with the “Install Applications From Unknown Source” or “Unknown Source” options display,
  7. Then, you download the obb file above and you extract the zip file (if any),
  8. After that, you copy and paste into the “SD/Android/obb” folder,
  9. Next, go to the application download folder earlier and you click “Yes” and the application installation process will run,
  10. Wait for the install process for a while,
  11. Finished.


Interesting and very easy not to get easy in playing the game Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk? Therefore, what are you waiting for, immediately play the game and feel the excitement. Good luck and play.