Dozens of People Injured in Fights Between Football Club Supporters in Mexico

Three people were in critical condition on Sunday (6/3) as a result of clashes that occurred at a football match in the Mexican state of Queretaro. The incident left more than 20 people hospitalized. And officials said they would ensnare some of the perpetrators with attempted murder.

“Even if there were no deaths, we cannot say this is not a tragedy,” Queretaro Governor Mauricio Kuri told a news conference. “I was informed that investigative documents have been opened, including attempted murder.”

Three of the 26 injured, mostly men, have been discharged from hospital. The other ten victims are currently in a “weak” condition and three others are in critical condition, Kuri added.

Soccer fans on Saturday (5/3) stormed the pitch during the match between Queretaro and last year’s Liga MX champions, Atlas. Images on social media showed people being beaten, kicked and dragged across the seating areas of the stadium.

Officials said the people seen sprawled in the photos survived and were being treated in hospital.

Both Queretaro’s and Atlas’ teams condemned the violence and urged an investigation. Officials did not reveal the cause of the clashes. [vm/lt]