Drinking Alcohol Once a Day Can Promote Future Brain Aging

Suara.com – A new analysis of the link between alcohol consumption and brain volume found that drinking one glass of wine a day can cause brain aging effects within two years.

Contrary to previous research, the new study also shows that light to moderate drinking may be associated with future cognitive decline.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania considered health data from more than 36,000 middle-aged and older adults from the UK Biobank.

They found that the more people reported drinking alcohol, the stronger the association with material loss in the brain.

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Illustration of woman drinking alcohol (Pixabay/Concord90)
Illustration of woman drinking alcohol (Pixabay/Concord90)

According to the paper published in Nature Communications, every unit of alcohol, or every half of a drink, added to a person’s average daily consumption is associated with greater tissue loss.

However, this study did not prove a causal relationship, report Insiders.

The study authors said that heavy alcohol drinkers would have the most side effects based on the results of this study.

“One additional drink a day can have a bigger impact than the previous drink,” wrote one of the researchers Remi Daviet.

What this means, he adds, is that reducing your intake of alcohol every time you drink alcohol can have a big effect in terms of brain aging.

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