DSP Media Announces APRIL’s Disbandment

DSP Media, the agency behind the group APRIL, made a shocking statement! As the party responsible for everything that happened to APRIL, DSP Media has finally announced that the six-member group has now disbanded.

Through the statements they have released. Reportedly, yes. They did the disbandment in a friendly and family manner. They also hope that fans will continue to support all APRIL members even though they have now parted ways.

Announce Disbandment After Long Discussion

Disbanded April Soompi
APRIL | soompi

Quoting CNN Indonesia, DSP Media reportedly held a long discussion with the six members. The results taken, both parties finally chose to finish. With APRIL declaring disbandment which DSP then announced via SPOTV via Naver.

Hello, this is DSP Media. We are informing our artist, APRIL, that they have disbanded. After a long time of discussion and discussion, our agency and the APRIL members decided to disband the group and go their separate ways.

DSP Media, via Naver (quote from CNN Indonesia).

The aftermath of the bullying scandal of former members

April Disbanded Soompi
After Last Year’s Scandal | soompi

APRIL’s decision to disband seems to have received mixed reactions. This is the aftermath of the scandal that has befallen the DSP group since the beginning of last year.

His former member, Lee Hyun Joo, revealed that during his time as a member of APRIL, he received various bad treatments by his fellow members. Despite his age, he is the oldest in the group.

Currently, the case is still rolling and is entering the realm of investigation. We ourselves have informed it a few months ago. Both Hyun Joo and the DSP have acted cooperatively, although the decision is still not unanimous.

Lasting 7 Years In Kpop Industry

Dsp Media's April Debut
APRIL Debut | DSP Media

APRIL itself is a group that debuted in 2015. These six energetic women are in the same batch as TWICE from JYP Entertainment. Together with DSP Media, APRIL released their debut discography with mini album dreaming. Hyun Joo is a real member of APRIL along with Somin, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol.

Unfortunately, Somin chose to leave even though he had only debuted a few months. Hyun Joo then followed Somin’s departure in early 2016. DSP Media then replaced the vacancy by adding two new members, namely Chaekyung and Rachel.

Somin himself now still exists as idol and became the Co-Ed group of DSP Media (KARD). Meanwhile, Hyun Joo has also been a member of the UNI.T group since 2018.