Ducati Outraged by Efforts to Ban Front Ride-Height Devices

Ducati’s innovations in MotoGP over the last few seasons have had an impact on the development of the bike. Some manufacturers are even following them.

Ducati is at least credited with developing winglet until rear ride-height device. The development of the Italian manufacturing is able to affect the performance of the motor.

Ducati recently developed front ride-height device. This device is part of the system development hole shot device.

Even so, not all agree on the existence of the device. In fact, there are attempts by other manufacturers to ban their use front ride-height device. Ducati was furious.

1. Ducati tried front ride-height device during the pre-season test at Sepang

Ducati Outraged by Efforts to Ban Front Ride-Height Devices Pramac Racing racer Johann Zarco (motogp.com)

Ducati try front ride-height device during the pre-season test at Sepang in February 2022. The device is embedded in Johann Zarco’s Desmosedici motorbike that powers Pramac Racing.

Function front ride-height device same as rear ride-height device. If rear ride-height device lower the back of the motor, then front ride-height device serves to lower the front of the motor.

The difference between the two devices is hole shot device is at the time of use. Holeshot device used when the motor is idle. In this case when starting. Meanwhile, front and rear-ride height device can be used several times during the race when the racer exits the corner.

2. The use of front ride-height devices is opposed by other manufacturers

Ducati Outraged by Efforts to Ban Front Ride-Height Devices Francesco Bagnaia at the 2022 Qatar GP (motogp.com)

Usage front ride-height device met resistance from a number of manufacturers. At a meeting of the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers’ Association (MSMA), five manufacturers refused to use front-ride height device.

The five manufacturers rejected the device for fear of limiting costs for motor development. If the refusal is approved, the device will be banned from use from 2023.

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3. There is a possibility of banning rear ride-height devices, Ducati also opened its voice

Ducati Outraged by Efforts to Ban Front Ride-Height Devices General Manager of Ducati Corse Gigi Dall’Igna (motogp.com)

In addition, there is the possibility that the Grand Prix Commission may prohibit the use of rear ride-height device starting next year. This sparked a reaction from the Borgo Panigale squad. They feel this is unsportsmanlike and seem to hinder the development of a team.

“I think it’s unsportsmanlike to change the rules when someone has already developed something that could yield important results. After investing in this device, they will penalize us if they ban it, because we avoid investing in other sectors. It would be a scam for us,” said Gigi Dall’Igna, General Manager of Ducati Corse Motorcycle Sports.

4. Ducati admits taking another approach to motorcycle development

Ducati Outraged by Efforts to Ban Front Ride-Height Devices Lenovo Ducati Team racer Jack Miller (motogp.com)

Gigi Dall’Igna admits that other manufacturers have made good engine improvements. Instead, he chose to try to improve the motor in other parts that have not been explored by their competitors.

“Other manufacturers have developed the engine well. We do less and that is a responsibility we have. However, we tried to improve the bike in other parts. We have not taken the same steps as our competitors in the sector motorsportsaid Gigi was quoted as saying Motosan.

5. Overview of the development of holeshot devices to front ride-height devices

Ducati Outraged by Efforts to Ban Front Ride-Height Devices the back of the Desmosedici motorbike used by Francesco Bagnaia (motogp.com)

Ducati begins to introduce hole shot device in 2018. Launch Motorsport, the idea behind developing this system was to lower the center of gravity of the motor. This is intended to prevent wheelie or the front motorcycle tire lifts when accelerating.

Next development of hole shot device is rear ride-height device. This device was first used in 2019. This device can be used when the racer exits the corner. The goal is to get top speed larger when bulldozing a straight track.

As for rear ride-height device will be released when the racer braking, so that the position of the motor will return to its original height. This system is the same as DRS in Formula 1 cars which will make the rear wing close when the driver presses the brake pedal.

Ducati is now experimenting with front ride-height device despite opposition from various manufacturers. Will this device get the approval of various parties? Or will Ducati suffer a loss if this device is banned? Interesting to wait for the continuation of the development of these devices.

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