DXDIAG RAM HP Android, Download RAM Hp In APK Form

DXDIAG RAM Android Phone

Are you a person who understands about electronic devices, especially laptops? Otherwise, you may often have difficulty recognizing the details of the device you are using.

You don’t need to worry or be confused anymore, because it turns out that there is a feature on the laptop that can provide all the complete information about laptop specifications. The name of the feature is DXDIAG. How to use? Check this out.

What is DXDIAG Android?

DXDIAG Android is a feature available on a computer or laptop. The function of DXDIAG Android is to connect one device to another, for example connecting a laptop with a cellphone. Not only that, this Android DXDIAG turns out to have another function, namely to see device specifications.

How to Use DXDIAG Android

Keep in mind that this Android DXDIAG feature can only be used on a computer or laptop. Here’s how to use DXDIAG Android:

  1. Open and turn on your laptop first.
  2. Next to the windows logo, you will see a search button. Click the button.
  3. Write DXDIAG in the search menu.
  4. Wait until the DXDIAG logo appears then click the logo.

You have to wait until DXDIAG appears with full specifications of the device being used.

Alternative to Using DXDIAG on Android Phones

It was mentioned earlier that DXDIAG is only available on computers or laptops. But if you want to use the DXDIAG feature on your phone, no problem. There is a way to do it on mobile, here are the steps:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Look for the ‘about phone’ or ‘about phone’ menu.
  3. Click the menu about phone specifications.

You can find the specifications of the device being used, just like the DXDIAG function.


You can download via the following link https://downloadmoreram.com/download.html

DXDIAG Menu Display Contents

You certainly have to know what if the menu and information displayed by DXDIAG. There are 4 tabs in the DXDIAG display, namely System, Display, Sound and Input. This is the explanation.


The first tab in the DXDIAG menu is System. In this tab, you can see general things about the related device. For example, you can see the type of laptop, system model, system manufacturer, type of operating system used and many others. This tab will be very useful to know the capabilities of the device used.


Details in the display tab will be about the appearance of the device, ranging from monitor type, chip type, DAC type and others. You may need to translate some of the terms in this display tab because there are still some that are quite foreign to the layman.


In the Sound menu, you can see the name of the speakers and the hardware ID used in the device. You will also see details about speakers and things related to sound.


In the Input menu, you can see two boxes namely Direct Input Devices and Input Related Devices. Through the Input menu you can find out what devices or devices are connected to the device, for example a mouse or keyboard. You can also see the status, controller ID to product ID of the connected device.

That’s the explanation about DXDIAG. You don’t need to download any application because DXDIAG is a built-in feature on every laptop. Good luck and hopefully you can find useful information.