EA Becomes The New Home For WWE Games?

Is it true game developer top, Electronic Arts (EA) will be the new home for all games Upcoming WWE?

For those of us who fans both television programs and adaptations video game franchisesOf course, we’re all very happy right now. Because in about 2 days we will also play the release games latest WWE, WWE 2K22.

Or maybe some of you have already played? Yes, whether you want it or not, what is clear once again, WWE 2K22 now become games which we highly anticipate release.

The Negative Among the Positives

Especially through this series, favorite mode, General Manager or GM Mode back again. So once again, it’s not surprising that many can’t wait to play games this.

And with a much more positive overall reaction than WWE 2K20 (2019) so far, so for the umpteenth time, it’s not wrong if many of us can’t wait to play gamesthis one.

However, despite the super positive reaction and hype that high, unfortunately recently also heard bad news. Specifically, this bad news is related to the future franchise WWE2K.

Wow, what’s the bad news? Welljust look at the upload tweets from the official Twitter account Fighting Wrestling the following.

Yes, as you read, it looks like Electronic Arts (EA) will be the new house or will handle the whole thing games WWE in the future. The reason WWE took this step was because they were already very disappointed with the developer as well as game publisherher, 2K Sports.

Specifically, WWE was already disappointed with the disappointing final result obtained by 2 games final, WWE 2K20 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds (2020).

Still Seeing The Final Result Next

Well but at the same time, it’s still not 100% final. In other words, WWE still wants to see what the reception/acquisition will be WWE 2K22 get later. If, for example, it is successful, then the potential to continue the collaboration with 2K is certainly still very large.

But on the contrary. If later the entire reception is disappointing again, then WWE will end its cooperation with them. And they will immediately switch to EA.

And in fact, in recent years WWE and EA have had tough business discussions. Of course the discussion is to repair the product video games owned by WWE.

But again, everything is still uncertain. So let’s just wait and see again the final reception from WWE 2K22 in the future okay? What do you think about it yourself? Do you agree that EA is the new home for all? games WWE in the future?