Earth Fund Money Making Apk Is it Safe or Scam?

Earth Fund Money Making Apk

Are you a person who likes to join programs to save the environment? If so, then you might want to try using the Earth Fund app.

This Earth Fund application will invite you to save the environment while investing so that you will also get additional income. Check out the full explanation regarding the Earth Fund below.

What is an Earth Fund Application?

Earth Fund is a money-making application that uses the concept of investing in the environmental field. Through the Earth Fund application, you will invest with the money you have with the main goal of saving the environment.

You will get a bonus in the form of balance gain and you can also save the environment at the same time.

Register on the Earth Fund App

In order to become an investor in the Earth Fund application, you must have an account. Please register first in the Earth Fund application. Here’s how to register in the Earth Fund app:

  1. Go to the registration page by clicking here. You will be immediately taken to the Earth Fund registration page.
  2. Enter your active phone number and your full name in the fields provided.
  3. Enter the password you will use for your Earth Fund account.
  4. Enter the verification code that appears on the screen.
  5. When all data is filled in, click the register button. You can immediately become a user and investor in Earth Fund.

After registering an account with Earth Fund, you can claim a bonus balance of 500 thousand rupiah. The balance cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it as a pre-investment in the Earth Fund application.

How to Use Earth Fund App

You must make a deposit to make a first-time investment. Variations in the amount of deposits in the Earth Fund vary, ranging from 120 thousand rupiah to 12 million rupiah.

The bigger the deposit you give, the more bonuses you will get. You will get a guide on how to invest for the first time in the Earth Fund application, so you don’t have to be confused about how to use the application.

Not only through deposits, you can also get bonus balances by logging in daily. Please login to the Earth Fund application and click the login button. After you log in daily, you will get additional bonus balance.

The last way to get bonuses in the Earth Fund app is to invite friends. If you manage to invite a friend using your referral code to join Earth Fund, then you will get 10 thousand rupiah.

However, if you manage to gather 5 people to join the Earth Fund, you will not get 50 thousand rupiahs but 150 thousand rupiahs.

Is the Earth Fund Application Safe to Use?

This Earth Fund application asks you to make a deposit with your money, so it is not safe to use. This application is also still not supervised by authorized financial bodies in Indonesia so you are not recommended to use it.

If you want to try using Earth Fund, you can use the 500 thousand bonus balance that was given at the beginning of account registration.

That’s the explanation of the Earth Fund application that you need to know. You are not advised to rush to put your money in this Earth Fund application because the legality of the application is still unclear. Hope this information can help you.