Earth Fund Money Making APK Is It Safe?

earth fund apk — Many people are interested in making easy money with just a cellphone and internet quota.

One way that can be taken to be able to make money easily is to use a money-making apk.

Lots of new money-making applications have sprung up, one of which is Earth Fund Apk. Earth Fund application promises high income.

earth fund apk
earth fund apk

But is this Earth Fund safe? Check out the review in this discussion.

What is Earth Fund Apk?

Earth Fund Apk is a money making application that is engaged in environmental investment.

In this Earth Fund application you can invest the money you have to save the environment.

Besides being able to save the planet earth, the money you invest will also be returned plus bonus profits. So in this Earth Fund you can earn money while saving the environment.

How to Register Earth Fund Apk

Interested in investing in EarthFund apk? If you want to become one of the investors in EarthFund apk, then you must register first. How to register on EarthFund apk is very easy, here’s the tutorial:

  1. First you have to go to EarthFund apk registration page which is is below.
  2. After that, enter an active phone number and your full name.
  3. Enter the new password for your Earth Fund account, then enter the verification code that appears on the screen.
  4. Click the Register button, that way you can successfully become an Earth Fund user and can claim a bonus balance of IDR 500,000

EarthFund Login Registration Link:

the following link you can try to register in the eartfund application:

How to Use Earth Fund Apk

When you register for the first time at Earth Fun, you will get a balance of IDR 500,000 which cannot be withdrawn. You can only use a balance of IDR 500,000 to make free investments. In addition to free investment, you can also invest with a deposit.

In Earth Fund you can deposit from IDR 120,000 to IDR 12,000,000 to get fantastic income. With a deposit you will get a fairly high profit every day.

Apart from that you can also earn money on EarthFund Apk by logging in daily and inviting friends. You can earn IDR 10,000 if you successfully invite one friend. If you are able to invite 5 people to invest in Earth Fund, then you can get Rp. 150,000.

Are Earth Funds Safe?

This Earth Fund app is clearly insecure and will soon commit fraud. The concept of the Earth Fund application is very similar to money-making applications in general that like to commit fraud. In addition, this EarthFund apk also does not have official permission.

So don’t let you use the money-making Earth Fund application. Do not invite other people to invest in Earth Fund, because it will harm other people.

That’s all we can say about the Earth Fund money making app.

That’s all from practical methods, hopefully this article can make people wary of the money-making EarthFund apk.