Easy! How to Show Reels in Instagram Profile Grid

How to Show Reels in Instagram Header Profile Grid

Gadgetren – Reels has become one of the popular features of Instagram that allows users to share short videos like TikTok or Snack Video.

Even the Reels menu is available on the main page of the Instagram application, making it easier for more users to access and view short videos made by other creators.

But sometimes when you visit another Instagram user’s account, you will find the Reels tab on the Profile page or grid of each account. Maybe some of you who are new to Instagram will be a little confused why you don’t have a Reels tab on your Profile page.

You certainly don’t need to be confused because usually this is because you haven’t made a Reels video at all so that you only see the Post Tab in the Profile grid.

How to Show Reels in Instagram Profile Grid

Make Video Reels

  1. Make sure the Instagram app is the latest version
  2. Access the Instagram application on your cellphone and log in to your account
  3. Enter menu Reels the icon triangle in the box at the bottom
  4. On the Reels page, select Take a Video the icon camera at the top right
  5. Determine the desired song, speed, layout, and duration
  6. Take a video by pressing the button Reels logo square triangle in the circle
  7. Press the button Preview and see the videos that have been made
  8. Press the button Next and go to the page Share
  9. Create interesting captions, tag friends, add locations, and more
  10. Press the button Share and wait for the video to upload successfully

When the Reels video is successfully created and uploaded to the Instagram application, the Reels tab will automatically appear in the Profile grid. This system was created to make it easier for you or others when you want to specifically access Reels videos that have been created.

In other words, you must have at least one video if you want the Reels tab to remain in the Profile grid. Meanwhile, if you delete a video and don’t leave it at all, the Reels tab will automatically disappear.

But if you accidentally delete all of your Reels content, luckily there’s a way to easily restore it.

Restore Deleted Reels

  1. Select menu Profile icon profile picture at the bottom right
  2. On the Profile page, select menu Options icon three lines at the top right
  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, select an option Your activity
  4. Next, select Recently Deleted
  5. Find and select the Reels video that was deleted earlier
  6. Press the button More icon three dots and select an option Restore

Now you know how to make a Reels video so that it can bring up the Reels tab in the Profile grid. Meanwhile, if accidentally deleted, then you can visit the Recently Deleted page to restore it as usual.

Therefore, make sure to always leave one video if you want the Reels tab to remain on the Profile page.