Easy Tricks to Make the Car Dashboard Shiny, Dust Doesn’t Stick!

Uzone.id – Usually car owners clean the car dashboard by using a cloth moistened with water.

Even though it’s best after cleaning, the car dashboard needs to be dressed to make it look clean and not dull.

The function of the dressing fluid is to coat and protect interior surfaces which are usually made of plastic.

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One product dressings on the market is Megacools Mo+Shine.

“In addition to functioning as a total protection against dryness, brittleness, and dullness, Megacools Mo+Shine also provides gloss and prevents dust from sticking,” explained Eddy Lim, Founder of PT Prima Jireh which produces various automotive care products.

To use Megacools Mo+Shine, it’s actually very easy.

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First, first clean the part to be applied.

Spray Megacools Mo+Shine evenly, then smooth it using a soft brush or sponge.

Finally, leave it for 5-15 minutes until it dries so that it absorbs completely.

“Not only on the car dashboard, it can also be applied to leather seats, vinyl, rubber, door panels, and other interior parts made of plastic,” closed the bespectacled man.

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