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Hello guys, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share information about How to Check the latest Smartfren MiFi Quota which we will explain in the article below.

For those of you who are currently using mifi, do you know how to check the remaining quota on the card on your mifi?

Do you usually only use it until it runs out and can’t be accessed before you fill the quota again?

Yes, most people still don’t know how to check the quota on their Mifi, so we’re here to share the method for you, so you don’t run out of quota suddenly again.

How to Check Quota on MiFi Smartfren

How to Check Smartfren MiFi Quota

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With Mylink M2Y App

  1. First, download the Mylink M2y application for Android smartphone users and install it on the Google Play Store.
  2. Then, open the MylinkM3Z application on your cellphone.
  3. Then, you need to enter your user name and password to access your home page of the app.
  4. Then, select the My Smartfren menu.
  5. The My Smartfren page displays information about credit, quota, validity period, and card validity.

How to Check MIFI Quota Via browser

  • Open the browser on your computer or mobile.
  • Then, enter the address andromax.m3z in the URL field.
  • Then you will be directed to the main page.
  • Enter your user name and password and login first.
  • Then you can select the My Smartfren menu.
  • You can see information about credit, quota, and the active period until the card is activated.
  • Using the Mylink M2Y app

How to check quota for Smartfren MIFI modem using a laptop / computer

The last way to try to use a laptop / computer and check the requirements of the Smartfren modem is the same as before. Here’s how:

  • Open any of the browser applications on your smartphone.
  • Enter andromax.m2y.
  • Then, you will see a web with a menu to check your modem quota

List of MIFI smartphones and their specifications

If you don’t own a Smartfren MFI but are interested in one of the series, it is important to know the specifications of each MIFI.

Andromax M3Y and Andromax M3Z

MiFi Andromax M3Y and Andromax M3Z are WiFi router modems sold by Smartfren.

With this Mifi, you can download applications and publish them on social media and get faster video viewing with the support of the Smartfren LTE 4G network.

Both are equipped with CAT4 technology, so you and your friends can reach internet speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s. Here are the Andromax M3Y and Andromax M3Z specifications:

  • Chipset Qualcomm MDM 9307
  • Support 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • support 32 user connections at once.
  • Support mobile WiFi app for more accurate settings
  • Wireless cloud feature, share music, videos and other files via WiFi network
  • MicroSD slot, support up to 32 GB
  • 3000mAh battery

Andromax Connect M1

Andromax Connect M1 acts as a wireless storage and power bank with a capacity of 4400 mAh, and at the same time as a modem that can use up to six devices.

Here are the Andromax Connect M1 specifications:

  • Connection EV-DO Rev.B.
  • Qualcomm chipsets.
  • RUIM has been activated.
  • microSD card slot.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11/B/G/N.
  • SMS function.

Andromax M2S, M2P, M2Y

Here are the specifications for Andromax M2S, Andromax M2P, Andromax M2Y.

  • Cat4 LTE Cellular for M2S.
  • Qualcomm MDM 9320 chipset.
  • Connect to tablets, PCs, phones, and other Wi-Fi devices.
  • Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Supports up to 32 connections for Andromax M2Y and Andromax M2P.
  • Andromax M2S can connect 15 devices.
  • Supports mobile Wi-Fi app for more accurate settings.
  • 2000 mAh battery on Andromax M2S and Andromax M2 Y and 1500 mAh battery on Andromax M2P.
  • MicroSD slot, support up to 32 GB.

Smartfren Andromax M2S, M2P, and M2Y WiFi Modem Router is a solution for users who have 3G mobile phones and use fast and stable internet via 4G LTE.

These three mini-modems are supported by 4G technology and can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

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