Easy Ways to Check XL Card’s Active Period and Latest Newest Extend This Year

Hello guys, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share information about How to Check the Latest XL Card Active Period which we will explain in the article below.

XL is now increasingly pampering its users with internet packages that are getting cheaper and very affordable among users who like the internet.

And one of the best-selling xl packages is the unlimited package with a very large quota of up to tens of gigabytes, and the speed is also fast.

But still, there are still many users who have lots of quota but don’t use it because their active period has run out, So for those of you who don’t know how to check the active period of an XL card, you can see it in the following article.

How to Check XL Card’s Active Period

How to Check XL Card's Active Period

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There are two ways to check the active period of an XL card. The first is to enter the ussd code into the call menu application and use the dial code * 123 #.

You can also contact customer service directly on the XL website at myxl.co.id. We’ll guide you to the entry containing the card whose expiration date you’d like to check.

If you forget to top up your inactive credit during the grace period, you can reactivate it by going to the nearest XL outlet. Cards that have expired and cannot be activated can be activated after 60 days.

The end of the grace period is the same as the remaining active period of XL plus 30 days. If you have an original XL card and want to activate it, you can immediately bring your SIM card, original KTP and a copy.

If you lose your XL card, you will not be able to reactivate it and will need to buy a new card.

To extend the active period on your xl card, you can use the following methods:

Buy Active Period

Apparently, the active period of the XL card can be purchased through the Ussd code or dial phone. This method can be used when the card has entered a grace period.

Just enter the phone app and then enter the area code *123*7*1*7#.

Later you will see several XL menu options. Then select the active period menu according to your initial goal.

Besides that, you can also use this code * 123 * 8383 #, please try

Refill phone balance

You can top up your credit through the nearest counter or credit seller counter like in a mini market or others.

Or you can also buy vouchers to add to the active period of your card.

Credit Transfer

The third way, apart from buying credit and buying an active period, can be giving credit to XL users or other card users.

There are two ways to send credit. The first is of type FOR (space). Send to the number of credits and the recipient’s number.

Wait a moment for the answering SMS to continue. Don’t forget to reply Y to reply to SMS. Credit will be processed.

If the process is successful, wait until you get a short SMS.

The second option is to send an SMS to 168 by typing BAGI (space) the destination number (space) for the nominal pulse. Wait a moment for the reply SMS to be confirmed.

Enter Y to respond to the SMS and continue the pulse transmission process. Wait for a successful transfer notification.

In addition to XL users, credit can be sent to all card operators to extend the life of the card.

Of course, sending credit to non-XL users is expensive. The extension of the active period depends on the amount you pay for the credit you send.

This, along with the expiry date of the XL card, will affect your internet plan.

Therefore, there is no point in extending the card activity, but the Internet package activity period has ended. Yes, there are several ways to reactivate an Internet plan.

All you need to do is buy the same package, quota package, or buy a larger quota than the one you are using.

Therefore, the active period of the internet quota package will match the data package that was last activated.

For example, if you want to extend your XL Xtra Combo Lite 11 GB quota, you have to buy the same quota package or several XL Xtra Combo Lite 21 GB packages that you have purchased.

In addition, you can buy additional credit to extend the validity of your registered telephone or SMS package XL card. This package runs automatically and creates a new package if you have enough credit. Buy an XL card.

In other cases, some cards can’t be reactivated because the user did something that required the company to block the card.

If you buy a new card without reusing it, you can deactivate UNREG and reuse your ID.

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