Easy Ways to Remotely Laptop / Desktop PC using the Latest Android Phones this Year

How to Remote a Laptop / PC from an Android Phone without the Latest Quota 2021 This time we will discuss remote tutorials or controlling a desktop, computer, laptop or PC using an android phone, maybe a lot of remote desktops are already known.

But what’s interesting this time, we don’t need quota, or access
Internet. Why can it work? you just remote pc with android
via Wi-Fi.

The wifi in question is the people’s wifi of 2 or more devices in one network.

As for those who don’t know that remote desktop
like watching TV, and you can change channels just by

It’s more or less explained like that, like most when
we want a remote computer or laptop so we need a connection
internet, but for those of you who don’t have a quota, you don’t need it

Because when we use remote PC quota and this is the same as streaming which will be very wasteful of quota only for remote PCs.

How to Remote PC Laptop on Android

How to Remote Laptop PC from HP

Now for the application we need is Unfied Remote
Server (to be installed on PC) and Unified Remote APK (to be installed
on Android).

If you haven’t already, have both of our apps
mentioned above. Then please download the below two apps accordingly
with your device / install on mobile and PC.

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1. Download Remote Server App for PC

  • Name: Integrated Remote Server.
  • Bit Support: 32 & 64 Bits.
  • For OS: Windows, Linux, Macintosh (MAC OS X).

2. Download Remote Client Application for Smartphone

  • Name: Integrated Remote Client.
  • For Device Mobile: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Android iOS Windows Phone

Notes: Please download according to the device
your mobile, for which Windows Phone is currently paid for and for which Android
free. The functions of the above application are:

  • Basic Input: Works as a Mouse.
  • File Manager: Open files or data on PC (via Android phone) Shutdown + Restart Etc: Like function on PC.

That’s what it does, actually the buttons are the same as the ones on the
PC. Actually not only on Android, you can also renovate with
Windows Phone or iPhone.

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How to Remote Laptop PC from Android

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the above application accordingly
with your device, make sure it is installed on both devices, ok
Android mobile or Windows PC (other).

  • The main step please turn on or make the PC as hot spot.
  • Then connect the android phone to the hotspot network (pc).
  • Then open the app Unified Remote Server (PC)or sometimes automatically turns on as shown below.
  • Go > Right Click > Start Server. then click Manager.
  • Then open the remote client app without binding on (android phone).
  • Then
    check if the remote app is not bound to android
    connect to server, how to open remote client app on android.
    Then click MENU “Servers“.
  • Then you can directly connect to the client and server without using internet quota.
How to Remote Laptop PC from HP

Integrated Remote (Remote Desktop PC) feature

The no-strings-attached remote app also has a paid version and
free, now for the free version there are some feature limitations that
there is. If paid, of course, the features will be more complete.

As for friends who need basic features / basic features then you should use the free version.

As for the various supports, of course there is, so my friend too
you can buy it on the google play store at a price of 45 thousand rupiah
together with a full license.

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That’s our article on How to Remotely Laptop / PC from an Android Phone without the Latest Quota 2020, hopefully it can help you in knowing how to remotely a laptop pc from an HP.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.