Eid 2022 Indonesian People Can Go Home, As Long As…

Suara.com – Epidemiologist from the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (FKM-UI), dr. Pandu Riono said that the Indonesian people had the opportunity to go home for Eid and celebrate Eid smoothly in the Lebaran season in May 2022.

However, this opportunity will be even greater if the government and the people of Indonesia aggressively pursue the Covid-19 vaccination target, in March 2022 until before Ramadan arrives.

“Depending on the community, tarawih or going home, it’s okay, but there is a condition during this March to pursue vaccination coverage,” said dr. Pandu when contacted by Suara.com, Thursday (3/3/2022).

He said vaccination was very important to form herd immunity or group immunity in society.

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This immunity, according to dr. Pandu can be a provision for the community when traveling at the moment of Eid al-Fitr later.

“If within a month we can pursue high complete vaccination coverage, which is complete, immediately booster. That Ramadan will immediately calm down, there will be no ban on going home, people can celebrate Eid more calmly,” said dr. Pandu.

The potential for Indonesian people to be able to go home and be able to perform tarawih prayers at the mosque smoothly, this is also because of the Covid-19 case in the country which has begun to show a downward trend over the last two weeks.

It should be noted, in the last two weeks or on February 16, 2022, Indonesia set a new case record with 64 thousand new infections a day.

Although not yet sloping, dr. Pandu saw that the downward trend in cases had already been seen, with new infections dropping to 40,000 as of March 2, 2022.

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“On the national average, it has started to decline, so it has started to slant,” said dr. Pandu.

But again, this opportunity could fail if there is a new variant of Covid-19 which is more dangerous, and could cause the collapse of the Indonesian health system like last July-August 2021.

“In theory, (Idulfitri will be smooth), as long as there are no new variants, hopefully if the population is already immune the impact will not be too much,” concluded dr. Pandu.