Eko Roni Saputra Brushes Chan Rothana, Challenges the World’s Top 5

Jakarta, IDN Times – Indonesian mixed martial arts fighter, Eko Roni Saputra, won the duel against Cambodian champion Chan Rothana at ONE: LIGHTS OUT at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Friday (11/3/2022). Eko succeeded in making Rothana fall asleep through his rear naked choke in the flyweight duel at the event.

The duel was intense from the start of the first round. Rothana took the initiative to attack first with a series of low kicks.

However, Eko was not provoked. He patiently waited for the moment. Until finally, Eko began to launch a combination of punches.

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Eko’s hard right hook landed on Rothana’s face, causing her to wobble a little. Eko took advantage of this moment by dropping Rothana and finding a position for the rear naked choke. A bit tough, but in the end the 30-year-old fighter was able to make Rothana tap out.

Eko’s victory is certainly very sweet for Indonesia. Because, a series of Indonesian fighters such as Abro Fernandez and Rudy Agustian lost to Rothana.

“Now, give me the world’s top five fighters,” shouted Eko after the match on the arena.

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