Elden Ring Players Find A Secret Wall That Can Be Unlocked With 50 Hits

The discussion about the latest games made by FromSoftware seems to be endless. This time, we have another interesting news coming from the Easter Egg game community Elden Ring. As information recently circulated, Elden Ring Players discovered a secret wall that could only be opened with 50 hits. So, what’s in it? Let’s continue the discussion Gamedaim News following.

For you veteran gamers of the SoulsBorne series, of course you are already familiar with the Hidden Wall. Usually, gamers (especially the Dark Souls series) will hit the wall to find the secret room scattered on each level. In contrast to Dark Souls which incidentally is not an Open-World game, Elden Ring also turns out to have these elements. What’s more, the unlocking requirements are much more complicated than those in Dark Souls.

The Elden Ring’s Secret Wall Can Only Be Opened With 50 Hits

According to a report we got via media site Kotaku, a Reddit user named u/teristam claims to have discovered a secret wall that can only be opened with 50 hits. He proved this discovery through a 30-second video by showing his character hitting a wall. Sure enough, behind the wall there is a secret room containing NPCs and the existence of unique loot.

Just a reminder that, in the Dark Souls game you can also find something similar. However, the Hidden Wall only requires one hit to open. While the Elden Ring requires 50 hits which clearly requires patience. What’s more, Elden Ring itself is an Open-World game which of course consists of many Castles and Dungeons complete with millions of walls in it.

Fans Start An Expedition To Find The Existence Of Another Secret Wall

Hearing the news, Elden Ring fans, especially the Easter Egg Hunter community, began a massive expedition to find the existence of another wall that was said to be more than one. They started writing lots of small notes in each area to give other players clues about the whereabouts of the Secret Path, Wild Secret, Trap, and Secret Wall. This discovery again made Elden Ring get praise from fans.

For those of you who want to participate in the search for its existence, the Elden Ring itself is already available through the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, and PS5 platforms. As usual, PC users can purchase the game through the Steam Store page. For that, what do you think, are you interested in trying it?