Entrance Ticket and Baturaden Banyumas Lokatourism Map + Interesting Photo Spots

Entrance Ticket and Baturaden Banyumas Lokatourism Map + Interesting Photo Spots 1

Baturaden Lo Lokatourism
Baturaden Logo Tours
What are the activities? Swimming, taking selfies, and many other rides that can be used, including enjoying the natural scenery and the very cool atmosphere.
Opening hours 08.00–17.00
Ticket price IDR 14,000
Address Lokawisata,, Karangmangu, Baturraden, Banyumas Regency, Central Java 53151
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Central Java is a location known for its many natural destinations. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Central Java is Baturaden Lokawisata, which is located in Purwokerto Regency. This tourist location is very crowded with local and foreign tourists. The location at the foot of Mount Slamet makes the lokawisata very cool and fresh. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, the cool family gathering location because of the many trees, and the pool of water that can be used as a place to swim and much more. The facilities at the lokawisata are very complete, ranging from public toilets, places of worship and also food stalls, so a vacation here will feel comfortable without worry.

The photo gallery and video of the Baturaden Lokawisata below can be a reference for the best photo spots for you.

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