Entrance Ticket and Route to the Beach Menganti Kebumen + Nearest Lodging

Entrance Ticket and Route to Menganti Kebumen Beach + Nearest Lodging 1

The Beauty of Menganti Beach
Cool Menganti Beach
What are the activities? Stay, selfie enjoying the view of the sea and hills.
Opening hours 24 hours
Ticket price Rp. 10,000
Lodging There are many homestays available around Menganti beach.
Address Karangduwur Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java.
Menganti Beach Location MapClick

Menganti beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central Java. Located in Ayah District, Kebumen with beautiful panoramic views of the hills and white sand beaches provide coolness for anyone who looks at it. This tourist spot is very well maintained by the government, so access to this place is quite easy. In addition to road access, it turns out that other facilities are also quite complete, such as parking lots, places to eat, and even lodging. In this location, there are also lots of interesting photo spots that can be used as selfie backgrounds.

The Menganti Beach photo and video gallery below can be a reference for the best photo spots for you.

Beach Changing Directions
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