Entrance Ticket, Facilities and Location of Zam Zam Tirta Bogor

Zam Zam Tirta Bogor 1

Entrance Ticket, Facilities and Location of Zam Zam Tirta Bogor

Zam Zam Tirta Bogor 2
Zam Zam Tirta . Swimming Pool
Activity:Swimming, lots of rides, rest in the Gazebo.
Opening hours:07.30–16.30
Ticket price:Rp. 20,000
Contact:(0251) 8637448
Address:Jl. Raya Sukamaju No. 2A, Pagelaran, Ciomas, Pagelaran, Ciomas, Bogor, West Java 16610
Google Maps Map:Zam Zam Tirta

Swim in the pool, but the water from the mountains must taste very fresh. You can feel the freshness at the Zam Zam Tirta Swimming Pool located at the Bogor Exhibition. The location of this swimming area is also equipped with modern water boom facilities.

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If you ask about the price, this waterboom provides a very affordable entry price. Maybe this is also influenced by the length of time this swimming pool has existed, since 1997. Even though the price is affordable, it is guaranteed that the facilities provided, including the water conditions are very well maintained, clean and fresh.

Not only as a place to swim and play, it turns out that the Zam Zam Tirta Location also provides a Labyrinth, Marketing Office, Meeting Building, Rabbit Palace and many more.

HTM Zam Zam Tirta Swimming Pool and Tatif Other Facilities

Senin – FridayIDR 20,000
Saturday, Sunday & Red DatesIDR 30,000
Happy Saturday (Student Only)IDR 25,000
Deposit counterIDR 5,000
Rent a float tireIDR 10,000
GazeboIDR 70,000

To find out more details about the facilities provided along with the complete price, please contact the manager at (0251) 8637448.

The following is also documentation of activities and the state of the pool / waterbook zam zam tirta.

Zam Zam Tirta Water Park Bogor