Entrance Ticket for Sewu Jogja Temple 2022, Myths, Uniqueness and Architecture

Sewu Temple Jogja is the second largest Buddhist temple after Borobudur Temple which was built in the 8th century.

Opening hours:06.00-17.00 WIB
Entrance ticket:IDR 20,000.00- IDR 40,000.00
Telephone number:0274 496 413
Activity:Walk around the temple, see the sunrise and sunset, take pictures
Best time:Morning or evening
Need to Bring:Hat, camera, drinking water
Prohibition:Saying dirty, Dressing openly, destroying the surrounding area
Address:Tlogo, Prambanan District, Klaten Regency, Central Java
Public facilities:Vehicle parking area, Toilet, Prayer room, Chair to rest
Access Road:Well
Online Maps:View Maps

Do you already have an agenda for a vacation? Indonesia, which is rich in culture and history, has many tourist attractions. This can be an attraction for local and foreign tourists.

No wonder everyone if they have free time will take a vacation after being tired of their daily routine. There are so many tourist attractions that you can choose to visit all over the country.

However, this time, we from the dolanyok team will discuss tourist destinations in one of the big cities in Indonesia which is thick with history and culture, namely the city of Yogyakarta. Who does not know this city, a city that has culture and history as well as tourist attractions that are thick with history.

Yes, the name is Sewu Jogja Temple. This temple building is also designated by UNESCO as a cultural heritage. What is Sewu Temple like, see the article below before you visit there.

Overview of Sewu Temple Jogja

Sewu Temple is a Buddhist temple that was built in the 8th century AD. This temple building is located not far from Prambanan Temple. This temple is located on Jalan Raya Jogja – Solo.

This temple is older than Borobudur Temple which is the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia. Well Sewu Temple is the second largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia.

Actually the number of this temple is not even 1000, there are only 249 temple buildings, but the people named it Sewu Temple because this naming is based on the legend of Roro Jonggrang.


This temple was founded in the 8th century AD, and was built during the reign of King Rakai Panangkaran who adhered to Hinduism originating from the Sanjaya dynasty. At that time Rakai Panangkaraan ruled in the Ancient Mataram Kingdom from 746 – 784 AD.

At first this temple building had the original name “Prasada Vajrasana Manjusigra”, which means “Place of Vajra Throne to achieve Bodhisitva”. The temple building was also undergoing repairs and widening by Rakai Pikatan, he was a prince from the Sanjaya dynasty.

Then Rakai Pikatan edited one of the daughters of the Syailendra dynasty who was a Buddhist. The Syailendra dynasty in ancient times was one of the most famous dynasties on the island of Java.

And in the end there was a marriage even though they were of different religions. From the results of the marriage, they were finally able to marry two cultures and become a unifier of the two great dynasties that were different from the two major dynasties in power at that time.

This is the reason why this temple has a Buddhist style but is located close to the Prambanan Temple which has a Hindu religious style.

Then in the 8th century AD, this temple was severely damaged by the earthquake that hit Yogyakarta and its surroundings in 2006. The ruins of the temple stones scattered to the ground so that the main temple was also damaged.

So that the manager also takes a long time to repair and place the stones according to their location. During the repairs, it was closed for security reasons and now that it has been restored, visitors can enter again.


Many stories from the public say that this temple is a silent witness of Princess Roro Jonggrang’s love journey with Prince Bandung Bondowoso. The story begins with the death of Princess Roro Jonggrang’s father in the war due to an attack from Prince Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jonggrang who has a beautiful face makes Prince Bandung Bondowoso interested. They met after Prince Bandung Bondowoso killed Roro Jonggrang’s father. Until finally Prince Bandung Bondowoso made up his mind to marry her.

However, in a state of still mourning, and knowing that if his father was killed by Prince Bandung Bondowoso, he chose not to accept his proposal. Not wanting to hurt Prince Bandung Bondowoso’s heart, Princess Roro Jonggrang also made a heavy request.

The request is to ask for 1000 temples made in one night. With the supernatural powers of Prince Bandung Bondowoso, he finally granted the request. Prince Bandung Bondowoso felt confident because Prince Bandung Bondowos could summon spirits who could help him build 1000 temples in one night.

This made Princess Roro Jonggrang worried, so Princess Roro Jonggrang intended to thwart her by waking the chickens to crow and the genies thought the sun had risen and all the genies left the newly built temple 999.

Knowing this, Prince Bandung Bondowoso was angry and cursed Princess Roro Jonggrang to become a temple to complete the 1000th temple.


Traveling in a place full of history is indeed a sensation of its own. At this tourist location you can not only travel and enjoy its natural beauty, but you can travel while getting to know the history of this location.

Study Culture and History

You can find out the culture and history that is engraved on each of the temple’s stone reliefs that tell the story of life at that time. Guided by a Tour Guide, you will be able to find out more about the history and culture of what is written on the stones of the temple. Because traveling in historical places will definitely increase your knowledge.

art show

If you visit here you can see art performances held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. However, you can watch this art performance at the Prambanan Temple complex. This stage features dance, Javanese music, and drama. This art performance usually starts at 19.30 – 21.30 WIB.

photo spots

For those of you who like to take selfies, this location is also very interesting for you to make a photo spot. With a neatly arranged temple background supported by beautiful blue skies and flashes of clouds, it will make your photos more beautiful.

Not only that, in this location there are also many large trees that you can combine with the beauty of the temple to produce more beautiful photos.

Go around the temple by bicycle

For those of you who might be tired of walking around looking at the temples that are lined up neatly, you can also use a bicycle to get around enjoying the beauty of the temple. The best time if you want to cycle is in the morning because the air is fresh and not too hot from the sun.

Enjoy sunrise and sunset

Because the operating hours have adjusted the sunrise and sunset. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset in the temple complex. You can make the moment as a photo background. Especially if the photo is taken against the sun, it will produce a very instragamable silhouette.


You can visit Sewu Temple in Tlogo, Prambanan District, Klaten Regency, Central Java.

Yogyakarata is very short if you only spend it visiting one tourist spot, you can also visit other tourist attractions that are located close by.

For example, Lumbung Temple, which is 450 meters away, Prambanan Temple which is 2.2 km away, or Perwara Temple which is 1.5 km away.

Ticket price

If you want to visit here you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 40,000 for adults and IDR 20,000 for children. In addition, the parking fee for vehicles is Rp. 2000, – for two-wheeled vehicles, and Rp. 5000, – for four-wheeled vehicles.

Operational hour

You can visit this temple every day from 06.00 – 17.00 WIB


Like other tourist attractions, the manager also prepares supporting facilities that make tourists feel comfortable when traveling. Some of the facilities such as:

  • Vehicle parking area
  • Toilet
  • prayer room
  • Chair to rest

Now for lodging facilities, you have to look for the nearest inn from a tourist attraction.

For tourists who want to stay around the temple, you don’t need to worry, because here there are many lodging places. These accommodations include Rumah Desa Homestay, which is 1 km away, Poeri Devata Resort Hotel, which is 1.8 km away, or you can also visit Joglo Ayem Tentrem which is 2.6 km away.

So, if you feel hungry, you don’t need to worry, because in this temple area there are many restaurants that you can choose from, such as Sate Kamnbing Mbah Darmo, which is only 400 meters away, Warung Tito, which is 550 meters away, or Waroeng Kebon Ramayana, which is only 400 meters away. 1 km.


The following is a list of questions regarding this cultural attraction:


Traveling to tourist attractions that have history and culture does provide a flailing sensation. You will definitely be able to increase your knowledge about Sewu Jogja Temple that you did not know before.