Entrance Ticket Prices and Map To The Hanging Rocks of Majalengka Kuningan

Entrance Ticket Prices and a Map to the Hanging Rocks of Majalengka Kuningan 1

Rock Hanging Majalengka Brass
Hanging Rock
What are the activities? Selfie photos, Seeing Beautiful Natural Scenes
Opening hours 07:00-Done
Ticket price Rp. 10,000
Address Mirat, Leuwimunding, Majalengka Regency, West Java 45473
Hanging Rock Location MapClick

Popular in mid-2015, this place is the target of selfiers and anti-mainstream tourists. Because the scenery and access roads to get here are still virgin, aka still natural, and it becomes a matter of pride for tourists. Almost the same as other cliff tours, tourists who have reached the top can see the natural beauty below. The information we got, the height of the Gandung Rock Hill itself is 500 – 750 mpl, so it is quite tiring for tourists who have never hiked before. In addition to the natural scenery that spoils the eyes, tourists can also take selfies at this location, because the manager makes interesting spots for selfies.

The Hanging Rocks photo and video gallery below can be a reference for the best photo spots for you.

Bao Hanging Rock
Beautiful Hanging Rock Green Hanging Rock Beautiful Hanging Rock Red Hanging Rock White Hanging Rock Rock Hanging Crowded Rock Hanging Stairs Rock Hanging Rock Hanging Rock