Entrance Ticket Prices and Road To Umbul Songo Kopeng + Nearest Lodging

Entrance Ticket Prices and the Way to Umbul Songo Kopeng + Nearest Lodging 1

Pennant Songo Kopeng
Pennant Songo Kopeng
Taking selfies, enjoying the natural scenery
Opening hours 07:00 – 18:00
Ticket price Free
Contact 0812-1573-086
Lodging Lestari Lodging, Griya Pratama Lodging
Address Kopeng, Getasan, Semarang, Central Java 50774
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If you look at some visitor reviews, the Umbul Songo tourist location is less cared for by the local government. As a result, facilities such as toilets, places of worship, damaged roads and less support for tourist trips. But unfortunately, this place is very charming for every visitor who comes, so, these shortcomings do not seem to be an obstacle for tourists. This location is very cool and even cold when the rainy season arrives, because it is located at the foot of Mount Merbabu. This place is crowded when a holiday arrives, for example Saturday or Sunday, but on weekdays it is quite quiet. But if you want to get the satisfaction of enjoying nature, just come on weekdays. Don’t forget to bring a jacket and rain, because the place is cold and the rainfall is quite high.

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Umbul Songo Kopeng Anak
Umbul Songo Kopeng Forest Umbul Songo Kopeng Mother Umbul Songo Kopeng Family Umbul Songo Kopeng Tree Pennant Songo Kopeng Crowded Songo Kopeng pennant high Pennant Songo Kopeng