Entrance Ticket Prices and Tanjung Lesung Beach Route Banten + Nearest Lodging

Tanjung Lesung Beach Banten
Tanjung Lesung Beach People
Snorkeling, Selfie, Watching the sunset, and looking at the beautiful natural scenery.
What are the activities?
Opening hours 24 hours non-stop
Ticket price IDR 40,000
Contact 085311101704
Lodging There are so many inns in Tanjung Lesung, almost on every side of the road there are accommodations for tourists.
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The beach is one of the many tourist destinations in Tanjung Lesung. There are more than 1000 hectares including the Tanjung Lesung area, and all of them are settlements that in the future will be made into a developed tourist village. Because it will become an international tourist destination, it is not surprising that ticket prices or accommodation in Tanjung Lesung are quite expensive. But all of that is in line with the facilities provided by the manager.

Here are some photos and videos of Tanjung Lesung Beach as your reference before visiting the place.

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Tanjung Lesung Beach Bridge
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