Epic Games Free Game of the Week: Demon’s Tilt

Telset.id, Jakarta – Epic Games is again giving away free PC games to its users. The free game that Epic Games is giving away this week is Demon’s Tilt developed by Wizwar and published by Flarb LLC.

Epic Games is indeed very routine to distribute free games every week. Various game titles are distributed, ranging from indie games to AAA games with the best graphics.

For this week, the free game to share is Demon’s Tilt. The game can be directly claimed for free by gamers.

The game, which was first released on the Epic Game Store in October last year, can be claimed for free until March 31, 2022. Just so you know, the price of this game on the Epic Game Store is IDR 108,999.

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Epic Game of the Week Free Games

Epic Games Free Game of the Week Demon's Tils

Demon’s Tilt is Epic Game’s free game of the week featuring classic pinball with a mix of visuals dark and colored like a pinball game in general.

What makes it even more fun to play, you don’t just play to get the highest points. Demon’s Tilt also features several monsters and enemies for you to defeat with balls thrown by the pinball machine.

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The graphics are pretty busy. There are many explosion effects, reflections, colorful sparkles, scary objects in the middle of the game, and other effects that this game displays.

In order to be able to play this game, here are the teams Telset provide the minimum specs and recommendations of the free game Epic Games Demon’s Tilt:

OSWindows 10Windows 10
CPUIntel Core i5Intel Core i7
GPUGTX 660 or Radeon 7970GTX 1080 and above

After Demon’s Tilt, Epic Games’ next free game is City of Brass and Total War: WARHAMMER which you can claim from March 31 to April 7 next. Immediately claim, son! (MF)