Erick Thohir Fully Monitors Telkomsel INDICO’s Performance, Jakarta – Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir stated that he would monitor the performance of INDICO or Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem, starting from the first 6 months of the company’s operation.

At the launch of the INDICO brand name on Thursday (10/3/2022), Erick Thohir expressed his appreciation to Telkomsel for the establishment of a subsidiary, PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital or INDICO, which focuses on business in the digital sector.

“In this era of transformation, we must not be complacent with the existing conditions, because changes will continue to occur and I see an extraordinary transformation in Telkomsel through this INDICO,” said Erick.

Erick wants INDICO to immediately produce various innovations for Indonesia. Therefore, he will continue to monitor the company’s performance in the first 6 months.

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“I want to see the results in 6 months and what kind of breakthroughs made by INDICO. I do not want to launch this is just a discourse,” said Erick.

Then every 3 months, he will also evaluate INDICO and be ready to help if the Telkomsel subsidiary has difficulties.

“Every 3 months I will review and if there is a problem that occurs, I am ready to help,” promised Erick.

Erick Thohir INDICO Telkomsel
SOE Minister Erick Thohir gave a speech at the launch of INDICO as the company’s brand Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem on Thursday (10/3/2022)

Erick’s goal is to monitor companies because the potential for the digital economy in Indonesia is huge. It is estimated that Indonesia’s digital economy will grow by 180% or Rp. 1,736 trillion in 2025.

“Indonesia’s digital economy growth in 2025 is predicted to reach Rp 1,736 trillion and this figure will continue to increase in the following years. That’s why we have to have the courage to do digital transformation,” said Erick.

Erick wants the Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem brand to take advantage of this potential through the various innovations offered, as well as collaborations with various local Indonesian talents.

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“Indonesia has extraordinary resources and now the majority of the population is the younger generation. For this reason, companies must become big aggregators to help the digital economy grow here,” hoped Erick.

Responding to Erick, Andi Kristianto as CEO of INDICO stated that in the first 6 months the company will focus on developing the Fita, Kuncie, and Majamojo applications through utilizing Telkomsel’s assets and capabilities.

“We want to do a use case that has evidence, not just talk so that we will develop Fita, Kuncie and Majamojo in the first 6 months,” concluded Andi. (NM/MF)