Examples of Interesting Ads (Products, Beverages, Beverages, & Community Services)

BantenDay.co.id – Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated times, business competition is also getting tougher. When you want to offer or introduce a new product, advertising is one way to do it. But of course you need sample ad the best way to persuade and raise public awareness about what the purpose of your advertising is.

We often encounter advertising in the form of promotions, be it goods or services. It is undeniable, promotion is the heart of the development of the business that you run. Just try it if you don’t believe it, please make a product or service that is not promoted. In a few days, weeks or months, it should go away on its own. The reason is very simple, who will know and know your business if you don’t promote it through advertising?

Once the importance of advertising, then we must know all related aspects. Starting from determining goals, target consumers, ad content created and much more. if we discuss all of these things in one article, it will certainly not be enough and make you more confused. For this reason, this time we only discuss the types and examples of advertisements so that in the future, you can create your own advertisements without having to use advertising services.

Advertising Function

It has been mentioned above that advertising serves to introduce the product or service that is being run. Meaning in general it is, but actually there are several other functions that you should also know. Here are the specific functions of advertising!

  • As a medium of information, by introducing products in the form of goods or services.
  • As a medium of persuasion, which serves to ‘persuade’ the audience to buy and be interested in what is being offered.
  • As a reminder of a product or event that will be held in the future. Usually it is often used by online stores when there are certain events or promos.

General Advertising Structure and Rules

Examples of good advertisements must be in accordance with the structure and writing rules. That is, you must really provide the appropriate ad sequence so that it is easily understood by the audience. Just imagine if you find an ad with a random structure, of course you are confused about what the intent and purpose of the ad is.

1. Ad Structure

In general, the structure of advertisements is different from the structure of papers, theses or other things that require long texts with detailed explanations. Because the ad space is only limited, it must be adjusted to the space given. For that, make sure there are the following points in the ad you make!

Title: You can put it at the very top with a larger font for easy viewing. Some advertisers also put it in the middle, it doesn’t matter as long as the font size is different.

Product name: Introduce the product that you market, either in the form of goods or services. Generally, the font used is larger or slightly smaller than the title.

Product Description: Make a short description, solid but clearly understood by the audience. It’s not easy to make a description, the point is you have to adjust it to the goal and lure the audience.

2. Ad Writing Rules

If you want to make good examples of ads, you should adhere to the rules of writing according to the types of ads. It’s important to know the following ad writing rules to make it easy for potential customers to remember what you have to offer!

Using Slogans: Of course you also agree that the use of slogans in an advertisement is very important. This usually makes the audience always remember what the kit has to offer. For example, the slogan that we often hear and is quite cool is Teh Botol Sosro, “Whatever the food, drink the Teh Botol Sosro”.

Persuasive: Persuasive sentences are very important to seduce or persuade someone who sees your ad sample. One example that we often find is “Cheap”, when in fact it is also not necessarily cheap when compared to other products.

Use POV: Point of view, or can be interpreted as a point of view is also very important in making advertisements. As much as possible do not use the word them or him, but use me, you or us.

Examples of Ads of Its Kind

There are so many types of ads that are encountered today, each type of course uses different ads. It all depends on the purpose of the ad. So that you don’t get confused looking, here we have collected examples of advertisements of various types that we managed to collect!

1. Example of Product Ads

Products can mean items such as soap, shampoo, food, drinks, etc. In addition, the product can also be in the form of services offered, for example tire patches, tailors, salons, etc. As an example, we give only one of the products of Teh Z.

“Want to eat satay, rendang, curry, the important thing is to be full and drink Tea Z with natural freshness.”

2. Classified Ad Example

Named classified ads because they only consist of a few lines with minimal space. Usually those who advertise in places like this always abbreviate word for word so that it becomes an effective sentence. The goal is none other than that the purpose of the ad is conveyed. Examples you can see below!

“Tnh Djual Mrh, area 184m² & 180m², strategic access from psr & mall, Call 08123456789.”

3. Example of Column Ads

Column advertisements are still often found in several print media, such as newspapers and magazines. Wider space is given, so you can make more detailed ads with the correct spelling of words.

“Urgently needed

Companies engaged in industry with a position as Operations Manager with a salary above the minimum wage.

Required qualifications: Male or female, maximum age 35 years old, minimum high school graduate, able to work under pressure.

Please send your application letter to PT. Anything, jl, slowly dead end alley number 007”

4. Examples of Public Service Ads

Examples of public service advertisements are not commercial in nature, so there is no profit on the part of the advertiser. Usually as a reminder in certain cases. Makers of this type of advertisement are generally from government agencies and schools. Here’s one example!

“Let’s save the earth by throwing garbage in its place”

5. Sample Bid Ads

Not much different from product advertising, offer advertising is also often used to offer new products or services. The difference is, this type of advertisement does not contain the element of ‘coercion’, it prioritizes persuasion and persuasion.

“Today only, 99% discount for all product categories and free shipping”

6. Examples of Service Ads

As the name implies, if you have certain skills and want to open a service, please create an ad to be used as a promotion. Of course, you should not be careless, must continue to use advertising rules and according to purpose. Here is an example of a shuttle service advertisement!

“Want children to come without being late and go home on time? Use our shuttle service that has been trusted for thousands of years”


As said above, if it is discussed thoroughly about advertising, it will not be enough just one article. There are many other types of advertisements and their examples, but at least the ad examples above can give you a little inspiration and an understanding of the importance of an advertisement.