EXO’s Career Journey From Debut To Now

In several previous articles, we have selected 5 K-pop groups that will have a birthday in 2022 and one of them is EXO. At that time, this group was a tough rival to BTS. Unfortunately BTS has a much better fate than its rivals who are currently on hiatus.

In this article, we will summarize EXO’s journey from debut, until now, which has been a career for 10 years. Immediately, this is the discussion.

Exo Career Journey

1. Debuted with the song MAMA and is still broken into sub units

At first, these two groups were still active with the EXO-K and EXO-M sub-unit formats. The letters K and M stand for Korean and Mandarin, which are their music markets. Of course, each sub-unit also has members from the two countries.

Under the auspices of SM, MAMA managed to reap various successes for both versions. Even with the MAMA song, EXO-K competed with BAP at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2. One Year Vacuum, Comeback With Wolf, Growl, And The First Winter Album

After successfully debuting with MAMA, both EXO-K and EXO-M have been on hiatus for more than a year. In May 2013, SM finally made their first comeback. And what’s more interesting, this time all the EXO members (who were still 12 people at that time) were united without being separated like their previous debut.

Comeback with song WolfEXO won their first award on Music Show, which then continued again with a new song entitled Growl. It didn’t take long for EXO to return again in December of that year and released their first Winter Album entitled Miracle in December.

3. Comeback overdose, Member Exit And Consistent 9 People

After releasing the Winter album, EXO itself is also preparing comeback their next one in April 2014. Unfortunately, the Sewol ship incident made comeback they were delayed until May.

In comeback This time too, EXO was put to the test with the release of two of their members, Kris and Luhan. Which was then followed by Tao in 2015 after a time comeback with Call Me Baby

After the release of the three members, practically there were only 9 EXO left. This formation continues to this day. However, their last appearance as a whole 9 people occurred in 2016. After that, a member named Lay was often absent at every event comeback EXO throughout 2017 to 2019.

4. Dismantling of personnel due to military service

If their appearance as 9 members occurred in 2016, then the release of their album as the last 9 members occurred in 2018. After that, EXO began to dismantle personnel and work with other sub units due to some members starting to serve in the military.

As of 2019 yesterday, EXO has started comeback in full formation. On comeback Obsession, only 6 members participated. As for their album last year (Don’t Fight The Feeling), there are 7 members who can attend comeback that.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t perform live because half of the members on the album Don’t Fight The Feeling has left for military service.

That was a brief summary of EXO’s career journey which will have its tenth anniversary this year. What’s your opinion?