Eyezy Location Monitor Apk Application, Here’s the Download Link

Eyezy App Apk

The internet has greatly facilitated our daily activities. One of the benefits of the internet is to quickly find out someone’s location via text.

However, if the person you are trying to find out their location is not replying to the chat, then you may feel panicked. No need to panic, there is an application that will allow you to find out the current location of the person.

The name of the app is Eyezy. What is the Eyezy app and how do I use it? Check this out.

What is Eyezy App?

Eyezy is an app that you can use to track and monitor certain devices. Many people use the Eyezy app to track the current location of their children.

Not only can it be used to track location, you can monitor your child’s social media content through this Eyezy application.

The Eyezy application can also make it easier for you to find out your child’s browsing history in a browser application. You can use this app to check and make sure that your child is staying positive on the internet.

Eyezy App Work System

You may be a little confused by how this Eyezy app works. Take it easy, you can find out the system works slowly.

First, this Eyezy application provides a service to monitor the activity of a device as a whole. You can use this Eyezy application to keep an eye on anyone, from your children, spouse or loved ones.

After connecting from one device to another, you can receive detailed information related to social media content ranging from WhatsApp to Instagram. Not only that, you can also view the contents of the internet browsing history carried out by the device.

Register a New Account on the Eyezy App

You must first have an account to be able to use the services of the Eyezy application. You can register through the official Eyezy website. Here’s how to create a new account in the Eyezy app:

  1. Click here to connect to the Eyezy application website.
  2. Click the login or register menu on the website.
  3. Fill in the required personal data in the column provided.
  4. After all the personal data is completed, click the register button.

You will get a notification once you already have an account.

Download the Eyezy App

The next step you need to do to use the Eyezy app is to download the app. Please click the link below to connect to the Eyezy application file. You will get the Eyezy application version 1.0.6 with a file size of 74.7 MB.

Eyezy Application Download Link => https://www.eyezy.com/

How to Use the Eyezy App

After you download and install the Eyezy application, you can start using it right away. You can login to the Eyezy application first using the account that you created earlier.

After that, you can follow the instructions given by the Eyezy app. If you find it difficult to use it or face problems, you can contact Eyezy customer service.

Is the Eyezy App Safe to Use?

The Eyezy application is actually safe to use, it’s just that to be able to monitor someone’s device you must have the permission of the person concerned.

Otherwise, you will be violating someone’s privacy. You are advised to ask permission to use the Eyezy application first from the party who will be monitored.

That’s the explanation about the Eyezy application that you need to know. This Eyezy application will be very helpful for those of you who are worried about your child’s location. Good luck.