Fanwar Kpop Fandom Has Been in a Brawl Too, Loh!

If you think fan war fellow Kpop fandom only happens in cyberspace. Then you are very wrong! Kpop is a music industry that has grown since the 90s. Since that decade, there have been idol groups with quite a militant fan base. One of them is HOT from SM Entertainment and Sechs Kies from DSP Media.

These two groups are the pioneers from the start of the attack idol groups in the Kpop industry (without losing respect for Seo Taiji & Boys). Now. In a moment, both fanbase this has done a real brawl, you know! Even the two groups admitted that this incident was a bloody incident that made the fans of the current generation grateful that they were not involved at that time.

Kpop Fans Fight: HOT vs Sechs Kies

Hot Dan Sechs Kies Wowkeren
HOT Dan Sechs Kies | Wow, cool

In the 90s, Seo Taiji made a revolution in the Korean music industry which we now know as Kpop. The influence is quite large, various agencies began to form boy group and girl group with the aim of emulating his success. One of them is HOT and Sechs Kies.

These two groups are only a year apart, with HOT debuting first in 1996. However, in 1997, Sechs Kies who is still a rookie managed to become a rival of HOT and made the two fans, indirectly at odds with each other. In today’s era, really. Similar to the same fanbase BTS and EXO on social media.

There are members who were directly involved in the incident

Tony Ahn And Kim Jae Duk Dreamers.  ID
Tony Ahn And Kim Jae Duk | Dreamers.Id

Actually, the relationship between the two groups is fine. They do not fall into the conflict that is always triggered by the fans. But it turns out, here. One of the members of the two groups became a witness when the brutal moment occurred, you know!

Tony Ahn (HOT) and Kim Jae Duk (Sechs Kies) were witnesses when the moment took place. Based on the story of the two in one of the events talk show A few years ago, both Tony Ahn and Kim Jae Duk were trapped in the location where the moment took place.

Jae Duk said that one of the fans came to him and said he had beaten three HOT fans while Tony Ahn said he couldn’t stop the moment. Despite his status as a public figure, because of the chaos at the time, all he could think about was trying to save himself.

You Can See In Episode 1997 reply

On various search sites (especially Google), authentic evidence in the form of photos or videos of the incident is very difficult for us to find. All we could find were discussions about the incident on various internet forums.

But if you are curious enough about the description of this historical event, lucky one is a Korean drama 1997 reply recreate the scene. We have also provided a snippet that you can watch above.

Wow. It seems that the Kpop fans of today’s era should be grateful, yes. Because this incident never happened again in this day and age.